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Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC arrives in 24 hours, seriously

Remedy Entertainment welcomes you to explore Bright Falls' darkest depths once more as the Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC arrives shortly.

Alan Wake 2 Night Springs

We’ve both been waiting for it, ever since Alan Wake 2‘s chilling conclusion left us dangling by a mind-bending thread. Now, Remedy Entertainment’s next chapter of the Remedy Connected Universe arrives on Saturday, June 8, 2024, with the Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC. But like any development in the Alan Wake narrative, things aren’t what they seem.

That’s because you won’t be brandishing your trusty Angel Lamp as our favorite crime novel author. No, Alan Wake 2‘s first major DLC will place you into the shoes of not one, but three familiar protagonists in the hit survival horror game. Night Springs will consist of three episodes, each of them focusing on Tim Breaker (Shawn Ashmore), Rose Marigold (the lovable Bright Falls waitress played by Jessica Preddy), and the aforementioned Jesse Faden (Courtney Hope) from the Control franchise. Yes, I’m internally screaming at the thought of this, too.

You can access the Night Falls DLC if you own the Deluxe Edition on PS5 and Xbox. However, you can purchase a Deluxe Edition upgrade if you don’t already own this version. According to Remedy Entertainment, Night Springs’ version of these fan favorite characters won’t be the versions seen in Alan Wake 2 or Control’s story. These are variants that live inside the in-universe TV show Night Spring, Remedy’s own version of The Twilight Show.

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As Tim Breaker, a cheeky nod to the Quantum Break universe, you’ll be “manipulating time to rewrite your destiny”, while Rose’s Night Falls episode is all about “fighting the shadows in pursuit of truth and love.” Of course, you’ll want to know all about what Jesse Faden has been doing since the Federal Bureau of Control’s presence in Alan Wake 2 was pretty significant. While this won’t be a direct continuation of Control’s ending, Night Spring has players uncovering embracing “the cosmic mysteries as the North Star and unravel secrets that defy reason.” You know, classic Remedy stuff.

However, if you’re looking for more clues than that, you’ll just need to experience it for yourself shortly, because I don’t know about you, but my weekend plans just became clear. Especially as this update also adds the long-awaited Photo Mode for all to enjoy, too. For those of you dipping your toes in the Alan Wake universe for the time, then you’ll have likely heard that it is one of the best games to be released last year, and that’s an understatement.

Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC: An image of the Alan Wake 2 Collector's Edition.

In my own Alan Wake 2 review, in which I awarded it a 10/10 rating, I noted that “it’s visually astounding, thematically potent, and an absolute must for newcomers and fans alike.” It is truly one of the best PS5 games on my dashboard, but the good news it won’t be stuck in the digital realm any longer.

Remedy will also release a physical edition of Alan Wake 2 on October Tuesday, October 22, 2024. Pre-orders begin on Saturday, June 8, 2024, and it will retail for $80.

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