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Your wait for the native Minecraft PS5 version finally ends this year

The Minecraft PS5 version will finally materialize in 2024, hopefully bringing the PlayStation experience up to par with Xbox Series X|S.

Minecraft PS5 version: a block-headed Minecraft character with purple hair next to the PlayStation logo

Mojang has revealed that a Minecraft PS5 version that runs natively on Sony’s latest and greatest hardware is in the works. What’s more, it’s going to drop this year. The new PS5 version is currently being tested, with some Minecraft players having already spotted its preview build out in the wild.

It seems silly that one of the best games of all time still isn’t running natively on PS5 four years after the console’s launch. While the Xbox Series consoles have already received native 4K 60fps support, this isn’t the case for PlayStation’s current-gen console which is still relying on its PS4 version’s configuration.

“Mojang has begun testing Minecraft on PlayStation 5, paving the way for a native PS5 version to be released later this year.” the studio announced alongside its new Tricky Trials update. “This PS5 version of the game is currently in experimental mode so the team can continue to make improvements and listen to community feedback over the next few months.” Though it’s currently unclear what bells and whistles will be included, I can imagine it’ll simply achieve feature parity with Xbox’s current-gen version for now.

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While acknowledging December’s big Xbox Series X|S performance update, Mojang notes the improvements to the multiplayer game are “a continuation of Minecraft’s efforts to ensure a great experience on consoles, while paving the way for future game enhancements.” I know what you’re thinking, “future game enhancements” could be the studio teasing that it won’t stop when Minecraft PS5 drops. We’ve all wanted 120fps support and the introduction of ray tracing for years now, and hopefully it’ll materialize before the end of this console generation…

Minecraft’s experimental PS5 build was initially spotted by players like ‘dory’ just before the official announcement came through. A few months back, the title IDs for the PS5 version were published on the backend of PSN, offering our first indication that it was on the way. With it now in testing, here’s hoping we won’t have to wait too many more months before Minecraft properly arrives on PS5.

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