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This Starfield Xbox mod lets you skip all the boring stuff immediately

Now that Starfield Xbox mods are here, the possibilities are endless, and this mod lets you bypass the game's slog of a introduction.

Starfield Xbox mods: An image of Sarah Morgan at The Lodge in Starfield and the Xbox logo.

Like many Bethesda games of the past, Starfield is another one of its massive RPG titles that massively benefits from mod support. Starfield Xbox mods arrived on the scene recently, and it hasn’t taken long for savvy Bethesda fans to transform the game into what feels like a completely fresh experience. However, one of the best Xbox mods could easily pass you by, and I reckon it is essential if you’re starting a brand-new save.

If you’re thinking of starting Starfield all the way from the beginning, you may have forgotten how tedious its opening section is. Do you really want to walk slowly and be forced to hear dialogue you’ve heard already? Of course not, which is why the ‘SKK Fast Start New Game’ mod on Xbox is easily one of my favorite Starfield Xbox mods so far. This nifty mod lets you select from a number of options as to where you’d like to begin the RPG game, as well as what faction and loadout you’d prefer to have from the off.

Want to start at the Constellation Lodge with a loadout fit for a thief? Consider it done. Not only does it entirely skip the game’s opening on Vectera, but you can get straight into the nitty-gritty of aligning yourself with Constellation and setting course to all those gargantuan Starfield planets. In my own playthrough, I’d already started rubbing shoulders with Starfield factions like the Freestar Collective in Akila City and beginning my life a space cowboy.

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According to the mod’s creator, ‘SKKmods’, this Starfield tweak is inspired by a previous Fallout 4 mod with allowed players the same luxury of skipping its introduction sequence. “Fast Start New Game bypasses the Argos-Atlantis tutorials starting new and NG+ games from Lodge, Cydonia, Akila, Neon, Den or random location with full character configuration and some loadout choices in less than 60 seconds. All this with ZERO BASE GAME SCRIPT HACKS for stable conflict free games,” explains the modder.

The cherry on top of this, for me, is also engaging with mods that help boost the game’s performance on my humble Xbox Series S. Unlike its big brother the Xbox Series X, Starfield is still capped at 30 FPS. It doesn’t like any official support from Bethesda is coming to improve that, either.

Luckily, there are several mods that change certain graphical settings, allowing the game to achieve a near-stable 60 FPS in interiors, and around 40 to 50 FPS in outside areas – depending on how dense they are.

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