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You could pre-order Silent Hill 2, or get James’ jacket for $120

Forget getting your Silent Hill 2 remake pre-order locked in, you can dress like James Sunderland but it’ll cost more than the game itself.

Silent Hill 2 pre-orders: An image of James Sunderland and his jacket in Silent Hill 2.

Konami’s Silent Hill 2 remake is drawing closer, and the mist is clearing when it comes to getting your Silent Hill 2 pre-orders confirmed. The Silent Hill 2 remake is set to arrive with all manner of bonuses for getting your horror fix early, but the real terror is manifesting itself differently: fashion.

If you’ve ever fancied donning the drip of Silent Hill 2’s James Sunderland, then Konami have you covered with the release of the limited-edition jacket based upon his appearance. While it might be a great collector’s piece for horror game fans, the jacket’s considerably steep $119.99/£94.39 price tag might be enough to ward PS5 players away from it. Factor in postage, and the cost of the new PS5 game’s merchandise jumps to $130.98/£103.03. Nevertheless, James’ jacket won’t be available for too long.

The “exclusive edition” jacket is only available on the official Konami store, and is estimated to begin shipping in September 2024 – a month before the Silent Hill 2 remake release date arrives. According to Konami, the jacket is perfect for players who want to exude “rugged style and mysterious allure.”

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Does that sound like something you’d be up for? If not, then you can set aside your cash for a Silent Hill 2 pre-order, and we now know what each edition includes. You may be disappointed to see that there isn’t a Collector’s Edition with neat goodies, but there is at the very least a Deluxe Edition with the following incentives:

Silent Hill 2 remake pre-orders: An image of the pre-order tiers for the SIlent Hill 2 remake.

If you’re eager to play the game early, then the Deluxe Edition currently stands as the only version offering 48 hours early access, beginning on Sunday, October 6, 2024. The Silent Hill 2 remake has a lot riding on its shoulders, and despite a recent look at its frights and thrills, I’m not quite sure if it will hold a candle to the original.

Silent Hill 2’s atmosphere and poignant ruminations on grief and loss are amid the best storytelling in gaming, but shifting to a Resident Evil 2 remake style shooter may lose some of that nuance. Silent Hill 2 is regarded as one of the best games in the horror genre, and that legacy won’t be easy to match.

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