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The only Platinum you’ll earn in Valorant PS5 is the rank

From dealing a boatload of damage to defusing a spike with a moment to spare, the list of Valorant PS5 Trophies has 16 challenges to overcome.

Valorant PS5 Trophies: Clove with clips in their hair, next to the PlayStation logo

Valorant console is finally on the way after Riot announced that its hit tactical FPS would be making the leap to PS5 and Xbox at Summer Game Fest. Now, ahead of this week’s console beta, the list of Valorant PS5 Trophies has dropped. Unfortunately, the most fervent hunters will be left disappointed as there’s a distinct lack of a Platinum accolade in Valorant PS5 – you’ll have to go for that in ranked instead.

All in all, there are 16 Valorant Trophies to collect on PS5 – six Gold, seven Silver, and three Bronze. Having piled more than enough hours into the game on PC, I can safely say that no weird shenanigans are going on here and that the FPS game’s achievement list is more than clearable – if you put the hours in.

For example, the Gold Trophy ‘Looks like I got a little carried away’ is unlocked after dealing 500,000 damage. Considering a player with full shields has 150 HP, that’s 3,334 kills worth of damage. For the average Platinum Jett one-trick this should be doable in about three-to-five working years. Jokes aside, it’s not all that bad considering Valorant has plenty more damageable objects than its characters. Destroyable agent utility has a set HP value, which I expect will also factor into the achievement.

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There is one major technicality to explore in the multiplayer game, too. The Trophy descriptors (courtesy of PSNProfiles) don’t specify that the damage has to be dealt in PvP modes, so it’s worth prodding around in the game’s Practice Range when it drops to see if, for example, training dummies count towards damage values. Work smarter, not harder.

Easily the best Trophy on the list is ‘Beep beep beep, enough of that,’ which requires you to defuse a Spike with less than a second remaining. I foresee many rounds being lost by players who wait until the last possible moment to get a defuse off, only to mistime it – hilarious and infuriating. If you’re planning to do this, I highly recommend doing so in a casual mode like Spike Rush, rather than your ranked games – please, I beg.

Valorant’s console beta kicks off on June 14 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. To get involved, sign up for the beta here. It should be noted, though, that it’s only available in the NA, EU, and JP regions for now.

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