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PUBG 2: is there going to be a PUBG sequel?

There's been plenty of confusion around whether there will be a PUBG 2, so here we'll clear things up and talk about the future of PUBG.

PUBG was one of the first standalone battle royale games. While its popularity may have dipped in the wake of big releases like Call of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends, there’s still a lot of interest in the future of PUBG, including whether PUBG 2 is being developed.

While it remains one of the best battle royale games you can play right now, a lot of fans feel like its time for a sequel. Plus, Krafton is looking to expand the PUBG universe in new ways. As a result, it feels like the perfect storm for PUBG 2, but things aren’t so simple. Here’s what you need to know.


Is Krafton making PUBG 2?

Over the years, Krafton has confirmed that its making various games within the PUBG universe, however it has never explicitly confirmed that it is making PUBG 2.

In the early 2020’s, insiders claimed that a true sequel to the original game that was “grounded in realism” was being worked on. However, this was apparently scrapped. In June 2021, The Loadout learned that content from the in-development PUBG 2 (codenamed Project RE:BORN) was instead repurposed into updates for the existing version of PUBG.

Since then, some huge changes have been implemented in PUBG or announced for the future. Not only did the game go free-to-play, but it’s also had reworks of core game modes, added a Clan system, and carried out massive gunplay sweeps to improve the game’s balance. In the future, the game will also transition over to Unreal Engine 5.

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Couple all of these major changes with all the new content that’s continually-added to the game (maps, modes, cosmetics, crossover events, etc.) and it’s clear that Krafton is committed to supporting PUBG as it is, rather than develop a whole new sequel.

However, information shared by insider and PUBG expert ‘PlayerIGN’ claims that a new battle royale game within the PUBG universe, codenamed Project Titan, is in the works at Striking Distance, the Krafton-owned studio that made The Callisto Protocol. While this could be a direct sequel to PUBG, we feel like it’s probably something a bit different, seeing as Krafton has invested so much into improving PUBG and plans to shift it over to UE5.

Other PUBG projects

As Krafton has expanded the PUBG universe, various new projects have been incorrectly rumored to be PUBG 2.

The two biggest offenders back in the early 2020s were PUBG: New State (now called New State Mobile), a battle royale game for mobile devices, and The Callisto Protocol, which transpired to be a Dead Space-style horror game for consoles and PC.

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Another is Project Black Budget, which we first reported was being developed by the team at PUBG Studios. Again, many believed this could be a PUBG sequel, but it’s actually an extraction shooter based in the PUBG universe.

So there you have it, a full explainer on everything to do with PUBG 2. Be sure to check out our new PS5 games and new Xbox games guides to see which confirmed titles are on the horizon.