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Xbox shadow drops Octopath Traveller duo onto Game Pass

Square Enix gives Xbox Game Pass owners a surprise gift, as it quietly drops both Octopath Traveller games onto the subscription service.

The great thing about Xbox Game Pass is that new games can appear out of thin air, and that’s definitely the case with the Octopath Traveller games. With no prior warning or hype, Square Enix has quietly added the two acclaimed RPG titles to Microsoft’s subscription service. It’s a massive dub, because for the first time ever on Xbox, you can now play Octopath Traveller 2.

The Octopath Traveller games have been released in a strange way, as the beloved RPG game franchise dropped its first entry as an Xbox exclusive, and its sequel as a PS4/PS5 exclusive. Confused? We were too, but the good news is that both games are now available to download on Xbox Game Pass right now. To mark the occasion, Team Asano is adding new content to Octopath Traveller 2 in the form of an “Extra Battle” feature.

“Team Asano have added a free update to Octopath Traveller 2, including ‘Extra Battle’ mode, which will become available after defeating the final boss in the final chapter. The ‘Extra Battle’ mode lets players test their skills against newly added tough opponents – including the main characters of Octopath Traveller,” the developer says in a recent statement. Xbox owners will be able to access this new mode from launch, while players on PlayStation platforms will see it added through an imminent patch.

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Fusing pixel art and HD 2D visuals together, the Octopath Traveller games are highly regarded as two of the best games in the RPG genre, and among the most appreciated releases in Square Enix’s library. Players can control up to eight characters, each of them presenting unique narratives, and quirky NPCs to meet along the way.

However, Octopath Traveller 2 keeps things fresh with a brand-new day and night cycle, which reveals an array of story opportunities within itself. Want to brush up on your combat skills, for example? You may only be able to do that while the sun is shining, while nighttime could see you bartering for goods with other characters.

Rumors of a sequel have been whispered around social media recently. According to notable leaker ‘Midori’, they claim that “Dragon Quest HD-2D and Octopath Traveler are not the only new titles Team Asano is developing right now. There is another title in development from Team Asano. It is a title that is a sequel to a previous title.” However, the leaker notes in a further social media post that “I am not saying Team Asano are developing Octopath Traveler 3 right now.”

Octopath Traveller Xbox Game Pass: An image of leaker Midori talking about Team Asano games.

Either way, Team Asano is cooking up something, and there is still always a chance that another Octopath Traveller is on the way. While you are checking these titles out, don’t forget there are heaps of other games to consider downloading, so check out our list of the best Xbox Game Pass games available.

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