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Valorant Episode 6 release date rumours, new map, and more

The Valorant Episode 6 release date is set to bring a brand new map rotation, and developer Riot Games is rumoured to be working on a new map, too

Valorant Episode 6 release date: Sage on Split

The Valorant Episode 6 release date is swiftly approaching, and developer Riot Games looks to have plenty in store for players as we enter Act 1 of the upcoming update.

Alongside the reported release date for the new Episode, there are rumours regarding a brand new addition to the Valorant maps doing the rounds following Riot’s confirmation that both Bind and Breeze would be removed from the map pool in return for Split. Needless to say, you’re going to want to read on to find out more.

Valorant Episode 6 release date rumours

The Valorant Episode 6 release date is slated for sometime around January 10. Based on the duration of current patch cycles, as well as how long is left on the Episode 5 Act 3 battle pass, there’s a strong indication that the patch will drop on or around this date.

This is also the date offered up by community leaker ‘floxay’, who has reported the following dates for each Act during Episode 6:

  • Act 1: January 10 – March 7
  • Act 2: March 7 – April 25
  • Act 3: April 25 – June 27

Valorant Episode 6 new map

Although unconfirmed by Riot at this point, all signs are pointing towards a new map arriving with Episode 6. Riot previously stated that it wants to keep its map pool at seven – something which requires the addition of a whole new map seeing as the pool will sit at six after the removal of Bind and Breeze, and the reintroduction of Split, in January.

Additionally, when quizzed about a potential new map during December 2022’s Red Bull Home Ground 3 event, maps and modes design lead Joe Lansford shared that it will have a new mechanic, though nothing “too crazy” like the teleporters we have on Bind. Lansford also notes that the new map is “going to be similar to another map in the pool.”

Valorant Episode 6 map rotation

As noted above, Riot is shaking up the map rotation for Episode 6. Split is set to make a return, though with a few tweaks. Meanwhile Bind and Breeze will leave the Competitive and Unrated queues to undergo their own changes.

Speaking on what to expect from the latter, Lansford says that Riot would “like to open up more play around the teleporters and potentially rethink how teams execute, and defend against executes, on both sites.” Meanwhile, Breeze “has some room to improve in terms of Agents and team comp diversity, as well as some opportunities for simplification of the space.”

And that’s everything we have for now on the Valorant Episode 6 release date. Be sure to check back regularly as we enter 2023 for updates on what we can expect when Episode 6 Act 1 arrives.