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Xbox Game Pass subjects you to two different types of horror today

WW1 FPS Isonzo and shivery survival game The Callisto Protocol join the Xbox Game Pass line-up today, bringing intense experiences to your Xbox consoles.

Xbox Game Pass Isonzo The Callisto Protocol: a man in a space suit next to the Game Pass logo

It’s a new day, and two new Xbox Game Pass games have dropped on the service. Whether you’re looking to experience the horrors of war, or just sheer, extra-terrestrial horror, both Xbox titles – Isonzo and The Callisto Protocol – will give you your fix.

The new Xbox Game Pass games line-up for this month has already treated us to some incredible RPG games in the Octopath Traveler games, but now’s the time to shift into something a little more chaotic. Though neither Isonzo nor The Callisto Protocol has slotted into our best Game Pass games list, they’re still solid additions to your Xbox library.

Based on the Battles of the Isonzo – a series of bouts on the Italian Front during the First World War – Isonzo is BlackMill Games and M2H’s third rodeo in the FPS game series. Bringing with it some notable improvements over predecessors Verdun and Tannenberg, Isonzo is the duo’s most competent showing yet.

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If you’re after a more accurate WW1 simulator, then you’re in luck because there’s nothing ‘arcade shooter’ about Isonzo. If you nail a headshot, it’s a one-shot kill. Even body shots can prove lethal if well-placed. Indeed, this is a hardcore experience through and through, so prepare to die a lot – unless you’re just built differently, I suppose.

The Callisto Protocol, meanwhile, had a vegemite-y release, to say the least. Though we scored it a solid 9/10 in our The Callisto Protocol review, the critical response was mixed largely due to how closely it resembles, yet falls short of, director Glen Schofield’s previous creation, Dead Space.

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Nonetheless, if you’ve cleared through your horror game library, including the 2023 Dead Space remake, and are in need of a solid survival game with similar vibes, then look no further. While, yes, The Callisto Protocol plays it safe on the creativity front, its “satisfying combat, incredible audio design, and jaw-dropping visuals” will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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