Next gen Xbox release date rumors, price speculation, and more info

Here’s everything you need to know about the next gen Xbox release date, including any rumors, as well as details on prices, possible specs, and more.

Next gen Xbox release date: Artists rendition of a next gen Xbox based on the Series X model in front of a green background

When is the next gen Xbox release date? Despite being a long way away from the upcoming Xbox console, with the Series X|S still delivering the performance quality that fans and developers want , that doesn’t stop Xbox fans sitting in anticipation for the next generation of consoles.

Hopefully, the best Xbox Series X games are compatible with the next gen Xbox, or at the very least, you’ll have plenty of time to complete your backlog. However, with Xbox having such a huge focus on the ever-growing Game Pass games library, we imagine the upcoming generation will have a lot of titles for you to play. When it does arrive, it will also likely be in fierce competition, with the PS6 release date expected to land at a similar moment. Here’s everything we know about the next Xbox console generation so far.

Next gen Xbox release date rumors

The expected release date for the next gen Xbox console is currently 2028, according to court documents from the FTC and Microsoft legal battle, reviewed by IGN. Considering consoles usually release before the holiday period, we believe that it will arrive in November 2028.

A release in 2028 makes sense, considering that most console generations between PlayStation and Microsoft last roughly seven or eight years. And, due to the fact that the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles were released in 2020, a release in 2028 is likely.

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How many versions of the next gen Xbox there will be is unknown right now. Considering that Xbox has found success with two variants, it could be the same deal with the next gen Xbox. However, we expect there to only be one version, which would focus on being an all-digital machine, given how focused Microsoft is on Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming. This would also reduce the price of the console, much like Xbox Series S compared to Series X.

Next gen Xbox possible specs

While we expect the next gen Xbox to improve on the existing specs of the Series X|S console line-up, we don’t expect it to be a game-changer. Considering the success of the Series S – which has been popular due to its affordable price, despite having less power under the hood than the Series X – we believe that the next Xbox will resemble a custom GPU which is the equivalent of a 4080/4090 now, alongside being digital-only with no disc drive.

The reason we believe this is that Xbox can make the console a cheap yet worthy competitor to the PS6, but with a focus on gaining subscriptions via Xbox Game Pass. Since Xbox is putting more money into growing and strengthening xCloud, it would be able to get significant boosts (in the future) from cloud services, similar to Nvidia’s GeForce Now service.

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This way, players who want to have a high-end gaming experience can build or purchase a PC, which 90% of people will install Windows on and possibly download Xbox Game Pass, a win-win for Microsoft in the end.

As for other elements, the next gen Xbox will almost certainly use an improved NVMe or custom SSD solution, as solid-state drive prices are dropping across the board. We also hope that Microsoft will take a page out of Sony’s book and make a better compression tech like the Kraken.

Next gen Xbox price speculation

Given our estimated specs for the next gen Xbox, The Loadout believes it would be priced around $349.99 or £349.99, a healthy balance between both the Series X and the Series S currently. However, this could be drastically different due to inflation, changing markets, rises in material costs, and other factors down the line.

For now, we think it’s a safe bet that Microsoft will try to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 6 by undercutting it price-wise, but at the cost of a slightly weaker console. While home consoles are still important to it, Microsoft’s focus is shifting towards growing the Game Pass ecosystem and allowing its users to play games on as many devices as possible, with Phil Spencer confirming on the Kinda Funny podcast that “[Xbox is] not in the business of out-consoling Sony.” Spencer also mentioned in the same podcast that they “have to go off and do our own thing with Game Pass.”

Next gen Xbox potential features

Alongside being a digital-only experience, we expect the next-gen Xbox to support up to 120 FPS in games consistently at 1440p, or 60 FPS at 4K. We also expect the controller that comes with the next generation of Xbox to feature haptics similar to the PS5’s DualSense, or some other feature to improve immersion. If you’re unaware of the DualSense features, you can check out the DualSense trailer for PlayStation below:

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Obviously, the technology market is changing and growing constantly, so it’s safe to assume that some new and interesting features will be developed between now and 2028 that the next-gen Xbox may use. Until then, we can safely expect that it will be stronger than the current line-up of consoles.

Until we get we hear more or get our hands on it when the next gen Xbox release date arrives, we can spend some time waiting for any of the upcoming Xbox games. Or, better yet, jump into the best Xbox Game Pass games while we wait – there should be enough games there to keep you entertained, even with the new consoles such a long way away.