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The Callisto Protocol infects the first Xbox Game Pass June drop

The Xbox Game Pass June offerings kick off with some excellent horror action thanks to The Callisto Protocol and Still Wakes the Deep.

Xbox Game Pass June: A split image showing the white logo of Xbox Game Pass on a green background next to a man in a space suit whose face is illuminated on the inside with a yellow light

We thought Microsoft might be holding out for the Xbox Showcase this weekend, but lo and behold, the first Xbox Game Pass June games announcement has just dropped. Alongside a double-dose of Octopath Traveler, The Callisto Protocol and Still Wakes the Deep are bringing some heart-pounding horror to Xbox Game Pass this month.

Yes, as we covered earlier today, both Octopath Traveler 1 and 2 have snuck their way onto Xbox Game Pass. These are some of the best RPG games Square Enix has produced (which is really saying something), so already June’s new Xbox Game Pass games lineup is off to a strong start.

Now let’s take a look at two belters that fans of the best horror games will immediately gravitate to. The first is Still Wakes the Deep, which hits the service on day-one when it launches on June 18. Deep sea oil rigs seem like fairly freaky places to begin with, so here’s a super tense first-person thriller that throws you right into the middle of one. This narrative-driven horror experience comes from The Chinese Room, the same maestros that made Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.

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For something just as scary but a bit more gory, The Callisto Protocol is finally making its way to Game Pass too. While for many this not-so-distant cousin to Dead Space didn’t quite stick the landing, we love a bit of Callisto, and gave it a glowing 9/10 in our review back in 2022. It’ll be one of the best Xbox Game Pass games for both horror fans and those that love beating zombie-like creatures into a pulp.

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There’s also a little something for FPS game fans, as World War 1 shooter Isonzo charges its way into the library. Giving big Battlefield energy, Isonzo focuses on the mountainous battlegrounds of Italy during the WW1, and perfectly recreates the feeling of using the weaponry of that era. With strategy and communication being important in matches, this is definitely one that the tacticians among you should pick up and play.

Virtual table-top RPG Depersonalization is also coming to Game Pass, but note that it’s only for PC players.

Here’s the full list of games featured in the first Xbox Game Pass June drop, alongside the dates they’ll arrive on the service:

  • Octopath Traveler – live now
  • Octopath Traveler 2 – live now
  • Depersonalization (PC only) – June 12
  • Isonzo – June 13
  • The Callisto Protocol – June 13
  • Still Wakes the Deep – June 18

As we boldly claimed in our Xbox Showcase predictions piece a couple of weeks back, we still think that we’ll get a bonus Game Pas announcement this weekend during Summer Game Fest. We’re still awaiting more Activision Blizzard games to hit the library, and we think a collection of its games could be announced and added during the show. If that doesn’t materialize, then you’ll just have to wait for the second June drop to be revealed later in the month.

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