The Division Heartland release date rumours, story, gameplay, and more

Looking forward to The Division Heartland? We have what you need to know about the release date for this tactical shooter from Ubisoft and the Tom Clancy IP

The Division Heartland release date: a woman in a gas mask looking at a rundown fairground

Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland is on the way and, after the incredible experience on offer with The Division 2, we’re thrilled. This could very-well be one of the best PS5 games – and best Xbox games, of course – when it comes out. However, that’s the question we’re all asking, right? When does this game come out? When is The Division Heartland release date set for? Well, keep reading and we’ll do our best to keep you updated on everything you need to know.

The Division Heartland is, as far as we know, a PvPvE extraction shooter somewhat similar to BattleState Games’ Escape From Tarkov – but, set in the expanding Division universe. Set comfortably in small-town America, players experienced with this series should expect something a little different to what The Division and The Division 2 offer. However, the gameplay should be the same, or near-enough the same. So, don’t worry if you’re concerned about that.

But, anyway, back to the question at hand. If you’re looking forward to this upcoming shooter, we have everything you need to know about the Division Heartland release date below.

The Division Heartland release date speculation

Way back in May 2021, when The Division Heartland was fully announced, Ubisoft revealed that it would be coming at some point between 2021 and 2022. However, a number of delays have pushed the game back and it seems like it is still a while away.

A release date was not announced at Ubisoft Forward in September 2022, so we reckon we won’t see a The Division Heartland release date until 2023.

The Division Heartland gameplay

We got a first look at the gameplay of The Divison Heartland at Ubisoft Forward in September 2022. The game takes place in the rural America. Protecting Silver Creek, you will need to protect the town from rogue agents and threats.

We didn’t see a whole lot, so the game still seems like a while away and firm details about modes and how the game will work were not announced. But, you can watch the brief dev diary on the game below

YouTube Thumbnail

However, details are still light ahead of the upcoming playtests. So, for now, we can only talk about how The Division Heartland will now reportedly launch with four modes instead of two ahead of The Division Heartland release date.