Star Wars Outlaws release date window, trailer, more

The Star Wars Outlaws release date is on the horizon, so be sure to check out the latest news on Massive Entertainment's upcoming open world game.

Star Wars Outlaws release date: Kay and Nix

When is the Star Wars Outlaws release date? It’s finally happening – Star Wars is finally going open world, and the Star Wars Outlaws release date could not come sooner. Starring “scoundrel” Kay Vess and the adorable axolotl-esque Nix, Massive Entertainment’s upcoming adventure game follows the pair as they navigate the murky underworld of their home galaxy.

Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – placing it a number of years after the events of Star Wars Jedi Survivor – we can’t wait to see if this new take on the franchise will turn out to be one of the best Xbox Star Wars games out there – possibly even one of the best Xbox games altogether.

Star Wars Outlaws release date window

The Star Wars Outlaws release date is 2024 for PS5, Xbox, and PC. This was announced during June 2023’s Xbox and Starfield Showcase and Ubisoft Forward. The game won’t be coming to PS4 or Xbox One. 

With such a large, open world game with lots of systems, including space flight, we don’t expect to be able to play Star Wars Outlaws anytime soon. It’s possible, however, that it could come sooner than Q3 or Q4 of 2024 though.

Star Wars Outlaws trailer

So far we’ve got two Star Wars Outlaws trailers to watch on repeat, the Xbox Game Showcase reveal trailer and the Ubisoft Forward 2023 trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The reveal trailer opens with a massive space battle, and initially cuts between multiple characters and locations – including one Han Solo in a block of Carbonite being transported. It then jumps to the inside of a cantina, settling on the game’s protagonist, Kay Vess, during a tense game of cards.

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However, as is customary in the Star Wars universe, Kay’s game is rudely interrupted by bounty hunters, necessitating the pair to flee. Throughout the rest of the trailer, we witness snippets of action sequences involving Kay and her allies, as well as numerous vistas we hopefully will get to explore.Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay: An open world can be seen

Star Wars Outlaws gameplay

Star Wars Outlaws is a third-person action-adventure open-world game with light stealth mechanics, action-packed blaster combat, exploration, and even space flight.

Kay’s blaster has several different modes that can be switched between, including a normal blaster, a focused mode, and a stun mode. With the inclusion of a stun mode, it’s possible we’ll be able to do stealth runs of Star Wars Outlaws, stunning enemies instead of killing them. As for the standard blaster and focused mode, these let you adapt to the situation. It’s also possible that different blaster modules can be installed beyond these three, opening the door for even more possibilities in combat.

Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay: A city can be seen with Kay and Nix walking through it

Interestingly, you can also direct Nix, Kay’s animal companion, to attack, distract and interact with objects in the environment. In the gameplay trailer, we see Nix even able to collect new weapon from the ground on Kay’s command, letting you change up your playstyle on the fly with the help of Nix.

Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay: Kay can be seen at a table with two characters

We also see Kay riding a speeder bike as she executes a daring getaway, confirming that we’ll be able to use vehicles to traverse the open world. This sequence also confirmed vehicle combat, with Kay firing her blaster at multiple enemies chasing her.

Star Wars Outlaws also features dialog options that can affect quests, such as when we see Kay deciding whether or not to bride another character in a conversation.

Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay: A spaceship can be seen

Perhaps most excitingly and surprisingly, Star Wars Outlaws features full space combat, as well as seamless travel from planets into outer space. While flying, you’ll have access to rockets and high-powered laser cannons to dish out damage to enemy fighters, as well as a repair ability. The iconic Hyperdrive also features, letting you seamlessly travel to new systems.

And that’s all we have on the Star Wars Outlaws release date for now. Be sure to check back when further information is announced. For now, take a look at our best Xbox open world games guide if you’re after a new world to get lost in. Or, you know, a new galaxy – possibly one far, far away.