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Your dreams of Star Wars Outlaws arriving on May 4 are over

The new Star Wars game from Ubisoft, Star Wars Outlaws, will arrive in August according to the game's excellent new story trailer.

Star Wars Outlaws release date: A split image showing key art of Star Wars Outlaws and a close-up of protagonist Kay Vess looking off into the distnace

April 9, 2024 The Star Wars Outlaws story trailer has now gone live, confirming the previously leaked release date of August 30.

The release date for Star Wars Outlaws has been revealed by Ubisoft following the premiere of its official story trailer. The new Star Wars game will be out on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on Friday, August 30, but those buying more expensive editions of the game and subscribers to Ubisoft+ will be able to get in even earlier.

Star Wars Outlaws is certainly one of this year’s most anticipated new Xbox games and new PS5 games. It’s set to offer Star Wars fans seamless ground to orbit travel in your ship, sprawling areas on multiple planets reminiscent of Ubisoft’s other detailed open world games, and a swathe of intriguing characters. Given the less-than-squeaky-clean record of playable protagonist Kay Vess, there’s even a Grand Theft Auto-esque wanted system, which could keep fans of that series occupied before GTA 6 arrives.

With the game receiving age rating certificates in various countries over recent weeks, it’s felt like a Star Wars Outlaws release date would be imminent. While many had hoped for a May 4 launch date to coincide with Star Wars Day, we now know you’ll be waiting a little longer than that for what could be one of the best Star Wars games of this console generation.

August 30 is the date Ubisoft has set for Outlaws, according to its epic new story trailer, which you can watch below. This was previously revealed early by a rogue video description on the Ubisoft Japan channel, which was translated from Japanese to English by Gematsu.

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As well as dropping the new story trailer, pre-orders for Star Wars Outlaws have now gone live. If you pre-order the Gold or Ultimate Edition of the game, you will get three days early access, meaning you’ll be able to hop into Outlaws on Tuesday, August 27. Ubisoft+ subscribers can also play three days early.

We have to say, this is a little later in the year than we anticipated, given the recent age ratings and the fact that the next couple of months are fairly light on other major new releases. Whether this will be a good date, strategically-speaking, for the new space game remains to be seen – there are still far too many upcoming games with 2024 windows that are yet to get firm dates to make that assumption. However, it will at least arrive right at the start of what is, typically, the peak season for game releases in the build up to the Holidays.

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