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Troy Baker sets the record straight on GTA 6 voice actor rumors

You may have heard Troy Baker from The Last of Us is in in GTA 6, but Baker is clearing up rumors surrounding Rockstar Games' next title.

GTA 6 Troy Baker: An image of Jason and Lucia in GTA 6 and Troy Baker in The Last of Us.

Rockstar Games is one of the most secretive studios out there, and no game is as closely guarded as GTA 6. The forthcoming PS5 and Xbox open world game brings us two brand-new protagonists, but the voice actors behind them are still unknown. Rumors suggest that Troy Baker of The Last of Us is involved with the project, and now, he’s giving players a definitive answer.

Speaking about his work on one of the best games ever made, The Last of Us, Baker also responds to claims he is in Grand Theft Auto 6. In a recent interview with The Movie Dweeb, Baker says, “that right there is a lesson in perception. People think and they just automatically assume. I want that guy, whoever it is, to get credit for his work.” Baker is nonetheless flattered to be spoken about in the same regard as Rockstar Games’ voice talent, adding, “I count it as a compliment. If people associate [me], especially if they think it’s good […] that’s a really good compliment.”

Believed to be playing Jason in GTA 6, it is quite a reach to assume Baker is assuming the role, given that the character only says one word in the new PS5 game and the new Xbox game‘s first trailer. It’d be a treat for players if Baker were in the game, though, because who doesn’t want to be in potentially one of the best open world games around? Although, maybe not everyone would be thrilled about this addition to the GTA 6 cast.

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“Like Todd Howard, him going, ‘I don’t want Troy Baker in my game because Troy Baker’s in every game’. Whoever thought that that would be a problem?” Baker says on his extensive voice acting credits. However, as we know, Howard took a liking to Baker’s work as he is voicing Indy in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. So, if it isn’t Baker, who is playing Jason?

Before the GTA 6 trailer debuted last December, actor Bryan Zampella drummed up hype on social media, teasing his possible involvement with the project. This rumor began after players suggested he strongly resembles the character model seen in the huge GTA 6 leaks. However, in true Rockstar Games fashion, the studio refuses to elaborate.

Until Rockstar offers players an official cast list, we might be waiting until we’re closer to the GTA 6 release date to find out.

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