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Content Warning PS5 and Xbox release possible with “porting magic”

If you're wondering whether Content Warning is coming to consoles, here's what the game's publisher told us about a PS5 and Xbox release.

Content Warning PS5: An image of a camera man in the game Content Warning

Content Warning emerged out of the blue, taking the internet by storm with hundreds of hilarious clips of its co-op antics. With over 6 million downloads on Steam, console players are yet to get in on the fun. We spoke to Landfall Publishing about a possible Content Warning PS5 or Xbox release, and it’s good news  – if you’re willing to wait.

Following the co-op game‘s breakout success, we’re eager to know if Content Warning can find life on PS5 and Xbox. While it may be too “early” for any major decisions to be considered, head of community Hanna Fogelberg expresses that “we would love to release on consoles in the future.”

However, making that possible isn’t exactly a straightforward process due to “some technical limitations in how the game is set up right now.” Nevertheless, Content Warning could still become one of the best horror games on consoles with a little “porting magic” in the future. Once the game’s launch period has calmed down, Hanna tells us that “we will have to investigate how to do it.”

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For now, the focus is on “fixing bugs and new content”, as more players begin their careers in producing spooky viral videos. Exactly what new content is on the cards is still under wraps. However, in an interview with Stealth Optional, there’s always the chance Content Warning may transition into the VR landscape.

The game’s concept would certainly be right at home with Sony’s PSVR 2 hardware, and we can only imagine the hi-jinks (and screams) players would produce from an extra level of immersion. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, the game’s premise tasks players with creating videos about all things paranormal within the in-game platform SpookTube. Think of it like the movie Paranormal Activity, but if the main characters were TikTok influencers.

As you endeavor to film more strange tales, you’ll upgrade your gear and improve your production value along the way. It won’t be long before you’re the hottest SpookTuber around.

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