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Destiny 2 server issues cause The Final Shape cutscenes to disappear

Destiny 2 The Final Shape's popularity has weighed heavy on Bungie's servers, which has resulted in a key cutscene vanishing on PS5 and Xbox.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape cutscenes: A split image showing Cayde with a stormy sky behind him and a Guardian surrounded by a magical pink aura

It was a struggle, but I managed to get through around 70% of Destiny 2 The Final Shape on its opening day despite Bungie’s server issues. Error codes and disconnects made loading into missions a chore, but what I didn’t realize until this morning was that I’d actually missed an important cutscene due to these technical problems too. So, if like me you got part-way through The Final Shape, or you managed to blitz your way through the entire campaign, here’s how you can check that you didn’t miss any vital story snippets.

While I won’t divulge any story specifics or spoil anything for those that haven’t wrapped The Final Shape yet, I will say that what I’ve played so far has been really excellent – server stress aside, of course. However, to learn that one of the FPS game’s stunning (and crucial) cutscenes was not being played during my playthrough has left me a bit frustrated.

The space game’s main cutscene culprit appears to be the one that’s meant to play at the end of The Final Shape’s fourth campaign mission, titled Requiem – this was the one that skipped for me, and it’s the one many others in the community are reporting too. While its absence didn’t, at the time, cause too much of a narrative issue, I do remember feeling that some elements of later missions felt a bit… unexplained.

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Well, after going back and watching it this morning (thanks for alerting me to this, Paul Tassi) those small gaps have now been filled in. But what’s really annoying is that it’s a truly brilliant cutscene – Destiny 2’s character development for a certain Vanguard member really comes to a peak here. Luckily, if you’ve experienced similar issues, there are already some great resources on YouTube to get you caught up.

‘Trance’ on YouTube has cleared the campaign and has assembled every cutscene into one video, which you can check out below. It’s also split into chapters, which is handy for navigation, but be sure to carefully scrub through so that you don’t see any potential spoilers in chapter titles.

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If you also want to see the cutscenes in tandem with gameplay to know exactly where it was meant to be served up, the likes of ‘Esoterickk’ have chopped up their entire playthrough into separate videos for each mission. Again, a cautious warning that scrolling through their channel may result in very light spoilers, such as mission names.

I know this is far from ideal and not the way the community should be experiencing the end of one of gaming’s greatest and longest-running story arcs. But, it’s better to catch up on any potentially-missed cutscenes now before you head any further into the narrative, which will of course extend into the new raid Salvations Edge, which drops on Friday, June 7.

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