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Keep the receipts, this The Finals skin is no longer Light exclusive

The Finals’ new update is the last for Season 2, but this fresh set of drip makes a Light-exclusive skin available for this meta weapon.

The Finals update: An image of the No Oasis Set in The Finals and the Holtow Fine Print skin for the AKM.

The Finals is close to shutting the doors on Season 2, as Embark Studios’ latest PS5 and Xbox patch is confirmed to be last before The Finals Season 3 begins. With only a week left until the next era is unleashed, this fresh The Finals update frees the excellent Holtow Fine Print skin from the exclusivity of Light class players.

You may remember this exquisite weapon skin for The Finals back before Season 2 launched, especially if you were eligible to claim a refund on it. But now Light players aren’t the only ones keeping the receipts, as Embark is bringing this quirky design to the AKM assault rifle. This marks the first time that the studio has ported over an exclusive weapon design to another The Finals class, and what a skin to kick off the trend within one of the best FPS games out there.

The Finals is renowned for its consistently great cosmetics, but if you’d prefer something on the subtler side, then the Holtow Fine Print skin mixes simplicity with style. The perfect combo for flexing on your enemies. If you are looking to live it large, though, then the multiplayer game’s new No Oasis bundle is likely to be right up your alley. This new cosmetic set is all about desert camo, an ideal choice for when the sun is blasting heat all over the arena.

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Your weapons aren’t left out here, either, as the Desert Dust Set soaks your firepower in the same camo for complete synergy across your outfits. It might be a stretch, but there might be a few not-so-secret Oasis fans at Embark Studios too. Could the No Oasis set also be a cheeky nod to Manchester’s favorite musical brothers? After all, some might say that Liam Gallagher loves himself a bucket hat.

Well, whether it is a tip of the bucket hat or not to them, little by little we’re piecing together the details of what The Finals Season 3 may bring. The Finals is likely to appear at Summer Game Fest, and we could see the all-new Ruby Ranked Leagues tier and maybe a few clues toward solving this ongoing easter egg hunt. Initial teasers for Season 3 suggest that a full “reboot” is coming to the game show shooter, with an AI threat seemingly on the horizon.

But before that unfolds, you’ve still got time to complete the Masters Circuit, as well as the Season 2 battle pass thanks to a gnarly 10x XP boost that is live right now.

The Finals update: An image of the Holtow Fine Print skin for the AKM in The Finals.

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