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Palworld Sakurajima update explores a new tropical paradise to plunder

The mischief never ends with your Pals and you can keep the antics rolling in the Palworld Sakurajima update set to hit Xbox shortly.

Round up your favorite creatures and prepare for brand-new horizons, the Palworld Sakurajima update is shifting the tides of Palworld onto a fresh island ripe for exploration. But taking in the sights isn’t all you’ll be doing in the next major update from developer Pocket Pair, as deadly bosses, new pleasant Pals, and more are set to keep you busy.

Revealed during the massive two-hour Summer Game Fest presentation, the Xbox Game Pass hit will launch the Palworld Sakurajima update on Thursday, June 27, 2024. The Pokemon-like RPG game will unleash an array of new features, such as the long-awaited debut of dedicated Xbox servers and a challenging raid that will test you and your Pal’s mettle. We can’t express how great the addition of dedicated servers is, considering how temperamental Palworld can be at the best of times.

We likely have Microsoft to thank for this, as Pocket Pair began a chummy partnership with the Xbox tech conglomerate earlier this year. Of course, there will be a huge expansion to your Pal roster, with the update dropping plenty of cute species across the update to isle of Sakurajima. Taking inspiration from the idyllic countryside vistas of Japan, the co-op game‘s brand-new island is a far more lush paradise to make your home within.

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Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect in the update later this month, according to a recent Pocket Pair post on social media:

  • New Island
  • Tons of new Pals and subspecies
  • Challenge a new raid and hard-mode bosses
  • Plunder an enemy oil rig
  • Expanded building, new level cap and more
  • Xbox Dedicated Servers

We both know that in Palworld, pretty much anything goes, and that can lead to some extremely wild scenarios. So, out of anything that the studio could add to it, we just want to know why plundering Oil Rigs is on the agenda. Are Pocket Pair secret fans of the excellent open world game franchise Just Cause? Maybe.

Palworld continues to be an amalgamation of many of the best games you’ve ever played. It might not execute all of its ideas perfectly, but there’s something very charming about its all out nonsense approach. There aren’t many games around that let me fire a big ass rocket launcher with the help of my favorite cuddly creatures.

Palworld Sakurajima Update: An image of all the features listed in the Palworld Sakurajima update.

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