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Xbox Game Pass has finally found Neon White, Achievement list suggests

It's been over a year since Neon White was announced for Xbox Game Pass, and it looks like White and the gang will finally get their time to shine on Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass Neon White achievements: White holding Red next to the Game Pass logo

After a long and exhaustive year-long search, Xbox has finally remembered where it put speedrunning FPS Neon White. While Angel Matrix’s breakcore-backed banger was inducted into Xbox Game Pass last June, it must’ve accidentally slipped down the back of Phil Spencer’s sofa shortly after. Now, an Achievement list for the game has materialized, indicating that sufficient rummaging has taken place to pluck the heavenly shooter out from the (presumably) leathery crevasse it’s been stuck in.

Described by Angel Matrix as “the heavenly single-player card-based speedrunning FPS, by freaks, for freaks,” Neon White is one of my favorite games of recent years – I absolutely adore it. I even nominated it for GOTY at The Loadout Awards in 2022 when it originally launched. At the time, I said “Neon White is liquid crack being smuggled through digital storefronts under the guise of a weeby, card-imbued shooter,” and I still can’t think of a better descriptor for the FPS game to this day.

Thanks to this fresh True Achievements listing for the game, it looks like the time has come for Neon White’s Xbox port to materialize. Though clicking through to it only returns a 404 error at the time of writing, it’s clear Xbox is cooking something. My current bet is that we’ll finally see it confirmed as one of July’s new Game Pass games.

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It’s been a long old road to Xbox for Neon White. Though it initially launched on PC and Switch only, the game found itself on PS4 and PS5 by the end of 2022. However, an Xbox port was, perhaps confusingly, not on the cards just yet. Then, at June 2023’s big Xbox Showcase it was announced that not only would Neon White be coming to the platform, but it would also be joining the list of Xbox Game Pass games on day one. As you can imagine, I was gassed to hear that the game would be getting another (speed)runout and was eagerly awaiting the day I could add it to our list of best Game Pass games.

But the day never came.

For the past year, Neon White has sat seemingly forgotten as other incredible titles like Little Kitty Big City and Harold Halibut – games which were announced at the same time as Neon White – gradually rocked up on the service. I huffed a ton of copium when I predicted it would pop up at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase, and was left with naught but a clown makeup kit to show for it.

Fortunately, it looks like White and Co’s time has nearly arrived, and I couldn’t be happier.

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