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Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman game is reportedly descending into dev hell

If Warner Bros' Wonder Woman game really is in a "troubled" state then don't expect to see the PS5 and Xbox game at Summer Game Fest.

Wonder Woman troubled: Wonder Woman with her gold crown next to the game's logo

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from Monolith Productions’ Wonder Woman game, and it sounds like we won’t get to see Diana for quite a while yet on PS5 and Xbox – certainly not at Summer Game Fest. According to Kinda Funny host Greg Miller, the Warner Bros Games development curse continues. Uh-oh.

Speaking on the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Miller reports that Wonder Woman’s development is “troubled” – at least, that’s according to an insider he spoke to “in the past year.” Back in March, we reported that Gotham Knights studio WB Games Montreal had stepped in to help get the new PS5 game and new Xbox game over the line, so Miller’s comment is relatively unsurprising. That being said, it’s perhaps more indicative of the severity of the situation.

Wonder Woman was originally announced during 2021’s The Game Awards ceremony with a 40-second CGI trailer that slowly revealed Diana shot by shot. It was confirmed at the time that Wonder Woman would be a single-player action-adventure open-world game. The accompanying press release states it will introduce “an original story set in the DC Universe,” which revolves around Diana’s “fight to unite her Amazon family and the humans from the modern world.”

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Most excitingly, Wonder Woman will facilitate the return of Monolith’s procedural Nemesis System which was developed for the Middle-earth series. Echoing Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War, I can imagine there’ll be some otherworldly faction that will operate dynamically in the same way as the orcs did. In 2022, a Monolith job ad suggested procedural storytelling will also be incorporated in some capacity, which could mark an evolution of the Nemesis System itself.

Though Warner Bros has recently stated its intentions to double-down on its live-service model, the good news is that – as confirmed by IGN back in November – Wonder Woman has been insulated from the company’s bizarre strategic shift (I’d assume because the project had been greenlit long before the decision was made). As one of WB Games’ last single-player bastions, I’m praying Monolith can make it a banger.

Unfortunately, should the extent of Wonder Woman’s delay be as serious as Miller’s comment appears to suggest, then this wouldn’t be the first time a WB Games project has hit a major snag. Rocksteady’s beleaguered Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League was supposed to be released back in 2022. Two year-long delays later, Kill the Justice League finally launched in January. Let’s just hope Wonder Woman performs much better

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