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Don’t worry, CoD Black Ops 6 isn’t a 300GB behemoth on PS5 and Xbox

Though Call of Duty Black Ops 6 won't shred your SSD on PS5 and Xbox, you can still expect a hefty install based on previous CoD games.

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 file size estimate PS5 Xbox: Adler wearing his trademark sunglasses next to an operator in military gear

Call of Duty is continuing to grow into an unwieldy beast when it comes to hoovering up storage space on your PS5 and Xbox. It’s probably because of this that many automatically assumed the whopping 300 GB Black Ops 6 file size highlighted on its store page was for the new CoD game alone. Fortunately, the CoD squad has stepped in to clear up this misconception – phew.

Taking to X, the FPS game’s team says: “The estimated file size currently displayed on the Black Ops 6 pre-order pages does not represent the download size or disk footprint for Black Ops 6. The sizes as shown include the full installations of Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare III, Warzone and all relevant content packs, including all localized languages combined which is not representative of a typical player install experience.”

Crucially, there’s also confirmation that you won’t have to download “any other Call of Duty titles or all of the language packs” when installing Black Ops 6. This is a given considering CoD HQ is modular, but it’s good comms to cover all possible bases of intrigue.

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So how big will Black Ops 6 actually be? Well, the team only says a file size “estimation” will be available closer to launch, so even the devs don’t know how much of your Xbox or PS5 SSD will be eaten up by it at this point. Considering the past couple of CoDs have clocked in at just over 100 GB on average (MW2 was significantly lighter than MW3), I can imagine Black Ops 6 will follow suit.

With a bit of luck, factors like Treyarch’s longer dev time and the lack of open-world Zombies will result in a slightly smaller and better-optimized package for the multiplayer game. I’d be happy to see Black Ops 6 sit around the 80 GB mark – the rough difference between CoD’s current installation size and the 300 GB estimation currently up on its Xbox store page. Fingers crossed.

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