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Leaks offer first look at new Valorant duelist before Episode 7 Act 3

Valorant is getting a new agent in Episode 7 Act 3 and Riot Games is teasing a duelist character which could bring a sought-after ability to the playing field.

Valorant new duelist teaser Episode 7 Act 3: Neon smirking

If you’re looking for a new main in Valorant, Riot Games has you covered – when Episode 7 Act 3 starts, anyway. The League of Legends developer is teasing the new Valorant duelist agent in its usual way (by that, we mean without much information for fans to dissect); however, a faction of fans feel like this new addition to the roster is going to have an ability you’re really going to want to take advantage of. We also now have our first actual look at who this new character is.

Riot Games’ Valorant is easily one of the best FPS games out there, but that doesn’t mean you’re always going to have a nice time climbing the Valorant ranks – if you’re even brave enough to give it a go. Although, that could change in the future; for better or for worse, a new duelist is joining Valorant in Episode 7 Act 3 and the teasers Riot Games is sharing online suggest (to a faction of hopeful fans) that an agent with an auto-aim ability is on the way.

As you can see in this short clip of the recent teasers, content creator ‘Kanga‘ highlights that this agent is clearly a character that never misses a target. The footage below also shows the first teaser, which is just the footage on the mobile device. So, Riot Games shared that first, and then expanded on it by showing some characters’ reactions to it.

‘Kanga’, though, also comments that Cypher, who is recruiting the new agent, reveals that they’re a hitman of sorts – although, they’re one without much of a digital footprint. It doesn’t give us too much more to go on, but we do think that this could mean we’re getting a duelist with technologically enhanced aiming – or, at least, an ability that takes advantage of a gadget that improves their aim.

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Another teaser shows further reactions to the footage from other Valorant agents, and an image of Suan la Fen – a Chinese noodle dish. This already reaffirms rumors that the new Valorant agent is Chinese, but leaks actually reveal the appearance of ‘Iso’ – the name of the new duelist agent – ahead of an official reveal.

You can check out our first look at what this agent looks like below:

Valorant new duelist teaser Episode 7 Act 3: the leak of Iso

One thing we want to make clear is that, when it comes to this agent’s abilities, this is all speculation – even though we do think it sounds like it could be the case. The teasers you can see for yourself above definitely suggest a duelist with pinpoint accuracy is on the way. Beyond that, it’s hard to say what form this will take. The general gunplay in Valorant already relies in pinpoint accuracy, so an agent with such an ability isn’t anything too remarkable – unless Riot Games takes that a step further and introduces an agent with an auto-aim ability, of course.

Now, we know what some of you are thinking – and we agree. Does Valorant, a shooter trying to cement itself as one of the best FPS games out there, really need an agent like this? Well, it’s an area where Riot Games has some room to explore and we certainly think that it could shake-up our Valorant tier list (if these theories are indeed true). If you’re worried about an agent with auto-aim being overpowered, though, then we can imagine Riot Games would introduce punishing cooldown periods and mechanics that expose anyone using an auto-aim ability to ensure they’re able to be countered. Think Cassidy’s ultimate in Overwatch 2 – it takes a little bit of time to charge up, and he’s fully exposed and unable to escape when he’s activating it.

For now, though, while we wait for more information, it’s worth checking to make sure you’re using the best Valorant crosshair codes before your next match. Changing this might seem like something minor, but finding the right crosshairs for you can really make a difference in the long run.