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Treyarch confirms MW3 Zombies gameplay will extend past 1 hour

You'll only get 60 minutes to slay the undead in MWZ, but new information claims MW3 Zombies will extend the action for COD fans in special story missions.

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The absence of round-based gameplay in MW3 Zombies might sting some Call of Duty players, but Modern Warfare 3 MWZ mode is still poised to deliver the goods. Shown off at Call of Duty Next, developer Treyarch initially explains that the action is contained to one-hour sessions, though isn’t the complete picture. Now, Treyarch chimes in to clarify how long the new MW3 mode can be played for.

Replacing Warzone DMZ mode, Modern Warfare 3‘s MWZ places familiar COD Zombies action into a fully open-world environment. Accompanied by a dedicated story and cutscenes, Redditor ‘CodeNamePizza’ asks Treyarch directly whether “you can extend it [gameplay] [by] another hour by doing an ‘endgame contract’.” In response, Treyarch confirms that MW3 Zombies gameplay duration can be extended under certain circumstances.

“Players who embark on a special private story mission will have an hour to complete it. So, this effectively allows a player to ‘extend’ a play session beyond an hour, which I think may be creating some of the conversations I’ve seen here,” the Treyarch community manager account explains. Furthermore, ‘TreyarchCM’ says that “players will also need to extract at the end of a story mission. Regarding extending the amount of time, I don’t have anything to share at this moment, but we’re tracking conversations [in the meantime],” the account clarifies. With so many new features to explore in MWZ’s time limit, the next iteration of Call of Duty Zombies might propel the game into the debate for the best FPS games to release in 2023.

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MWZ continues the Dark Aether storyline, which first began with the release of Black Ops Cold War. Players could uncover new elements of lore through collectible intel and a limited array of cutscenes, but MWZ seems to taking influence from both Black Ops 3 Nightmares with its dedicated story and Outbreak from BOCW for its open-world gameplay. Though there won’t be a MW3 Zombies easter egg to complete at launch, you can still experience all the beloved aspects that make up a solid Zombies experience.

That includes Perks, the Pack-A-Punch machine, wall-buy guns, Wonder Weapons, and plenty more surprises along the way. Following Vanguard’s version of the game mode, it could be the recovery COD Zombies needs.

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