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Sorry COD fans, MW3 Zombies won’t give you an easter egg to solve

Call of Duty Next unveils a deeper look at MWZ, the brand-new iteration of COD Zombies for Modern Warfare 3, which won't feature an easter egg at launch.

MW3 Zombies easter egg

The next era of COD Zombies arrives with MWZ, the latest iteration of the classic survival mode for Modern Warfare 3. Replacing the inclusion of Warzone DMZ mode in the new Call of Duty title, MW3 Zombies packs loads of action and familiar faces together – but you’ll be missing out on a vital feature when the game arrives.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies officially replaces DMZ mode, taking on the moniker of MWZ, taking place inside the brand-new Warzone map – which you can see below. However, unlike iconic maps like Shadows of Evil or Der Riese, you won’t be unpacking any lore through an awesome easter egg when the Modern Warfare 3 release date arrives. COD Zombies has made games like World at War and Black Ops stand up there with some of the best FPS games out there, but this revamped approach could prove controversial with fans looking for traditional round-based battles.

Call of Duty reporting account ‘CharlieINTEL’, who is present at Call of Duty Next, confirms that “Modern Warfare Zombies at launch will not feature an easter egg quest. There is only a main story quest, with 3 acts to complete to unlock narrative cinematic [cutscenes] that connect Dark Aether story.” It isn’t all bad news, though, as CharlieINTEL adds that “easter egg quests and additional quests to come post launch.”

mw3 zombies mwz map

MW3 Zombies Easter Egg

The Dark Aether lore, which features in MWZ, began with Black Ops Cold War, and will see familiar organizations such as Requiem and Omega feature in MWZ, but you won’t be able to play it just yet.

A look at MW3 Zombies won’t be present in the MW3 beta, but Treyarch associate director Kevin Drew and associate creative director Miles Leslie confirm that there are other secrets to be uncovered in November. “We have taken advantage of this map, there is a lot there on day one to discover. So, we don’t want to spoil any of it, but there is a lot in there, and we’re already planning some more stuff come later as well”, clarifies Leslie.

Alongside the new Wonder Weapon, The Scorcher, Drew explains that MWZ “is a really replayable mode […] you’re going to have to play it a lot […] anywhere you go there is going to be danger.” MW3 Zombies, like the Black Ops Cold War mode Outbreak, will take place in a large scale map and is touted as the first truly open-world COD Zombies experience. While it is disheartening for Zombies experts that love to hunt lore, you can expect to see the Pack-A-Punch, Perks, and other Wonder Weapons like the Ray Gun too.

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