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Warzone will have over 90 operators when new Call of Duty arrives

If you don't know what Warzone operator to use, the choice is about to become a lot harder with the release of the new Call of Duty title.

Warzone new MW3 operators: a woman with a mask holding a gun

If you’re looking forward to the future of Warzone when the next Call of Duty game arrives, you’ll be pleased to know that Modern Warfare 3 is going to bolster the content available in the battle royale quite a bit. You’re not just getting some additional guns and the new ‘big map’, though, there’s also an entire roster of new MW3 Warzone operators to choose from. Detailing them ahead of launch, Call of Duty confirms over 90 operators will be available in Warzone when Modern Warfare 3 drops.

We know Warzone has stiff competition when it comes to being one of the best battle royale games out there, but it’s still mechanically one of the best FPS games available and Call of Duty is continually adding new content for players to enjoy. With the Modern Warfare 3 release date almost upon us, one of the biggest content drops this battle royale has seen so far is on the way – and that’s very exciting.

While we don’t know all the details of all the new content just yet, Call of Duty is sharing the latest intel on all the new Modern Warfare 3 operators on the way – all of which will be available in Warzone. There’s 25 in total, spread across both SpecGru and KotTac factions. When you add this selection of operators to the roster of Modern Warfare 2 operators currently available in Warzone – including bundle characters like Lara Croft, Ash Willaims, and Shredder – there will be over 90 options to choose from in the battle royale. That’s quite a lot.

So, if you want to know who exactly is being added to Warzone in the coming weeks, here’s a full list of the new (and returning) faces:

  • Price (SpecGru)
  • Ghost (SpecGru)
  • Blueprint (SpecGru)
  • Rocket (SpecGru)
  • Byline (SpecGru)
  • Scorch (SpecGru)
  • Ripper (SpecGru)
  • Pathfinder (SpecGru)
  • Riptide (SpecGru)
  • BBQ (SpecGru)
  • Jabber (SpecGru)
  • Jet (SpecGru)
  • Warden (KorTac)
  • Makarov (KorTac)
  • Blaze (KorTac)
  • Thirst (KorTac)
  • Alpine (KorTac)
  • Enigma (KorTac)
  • Bantam (KorTac)
  • Doc (KorTac)
  • Raptor (KorTac)
  • Corso (KorTac)
  • Swagger (KorTac)

Warzone new MW3 operators: an image of all the new characters coming to Call of Duty

As you might notice, the above image and the list of new operators doesn’t quite hit 25 – which this Call of Duty Blog post confirms is the total amount of new MW3 operators at launch. That means we’re missing one SpecGru operator and one KorTac operator.

Thankfully, further investigation reveals that Warrior (SpecGru) will be available via the new Call of Duty Endowment pack available from November 10, 2023. Meanwhile, Lockpick (KorTac) will be available on PlayStation only for anyone digitally pre-ordering Modern Warfare 3. So, you should get those MW3 pre-orders in if you want the full selection of operators available to you at launch. We can imagine this will be one of the final PlayStation exclusive offers – when it comes to Call of Duty – with Xbox parent company Microsoft now owning Activision Blizzard.

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All of these operators will also feature customizable finishing moves (when you unlock more) and different skins – eventually. We don’t think Modern Warfare 2 finishing moves will work with Modern Warfare 3 operators, but Call of Duty hasn’t confirmed that just yet. So, we will have to wait and see. It’s also worth noting that you will need to own MW3 to actually access these operators, and you will need to play through the Campaign to unlock characters like Pathfinder and Jabber. Meanwhile, Scorch and Ripper will only be available through unlock challenges tied to Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

For now, though, you can find out more about the new Warzone map right here and the latest on all the new MW3 guns coming to the Call of Duty battle royale alongside the selection of new operators detailed above.

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We know Call of Duty players say The Haunting is a “cheap way” of adding content to Warzone, but the release of Modern Warfare 3 is decidedly the opposite of that. So, we suppose that’s why Call of Duty skimped out on the Halloween event a little.