Warzone The Haunting is a “cheap way” to add content, COD players say

Warzone The Haunting is Call of Duty's way of championing Halloween vibes, but COD fans believe it is a hindrance to maps like Ashika Island.

Warzone The Haunting Ashika Island fog issues

All the biggest multiplayer games across PS5 and Xbox are getting their Halloween spirit on, and that includes Call of Duty battle royale spin-off Warzone. Returning for another limited-time period, The Haunting is this year’s crossover-filled event, bringing together franchises like Evil Dead, Diablo 4, and more into Al Mazrah. However, following recent updates to the game, COD players aren’t thrilled with The Haunting’s presence.

We never thought we would see characters like Ash Williams (Evil Dead) and Lilith from Diablo 4 venture in the realms of Call of Duty, but here they are, roaming around in arguably one of the best battle royales games available. However, the game’s latest update for The Haunting is making Ashika Island “unplayable” according to COD player ‘Aziz89_soulsborne’.

Speaking about the increased visual elements around Ashika Island, such as denser fog, they say that “you can’t see anything. I land most of the time between teams and die immediately. The fog is even worse than DMZ and doesn’t add any aesthetic [style]. Players are literally 5–10 meters away, and I can’t spot them.” Ashika Island is already a pretty dour and gray map, but visibility can be difficult with the addition of horror-inspired set dressing. Taking their frustration further, the player believes that The Haunting is Activision devising “cheap ways of adding ‘content'” to the game.

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Other players like ‘No_Bar6825’ are taking issue with Ashika Island’s Halloween makeover, explaining that “fog is one of the reasons I avoid Vondel […] I have an easier time seeing in nighttime Resurgence Al Mazrah.” Some Call of Duty fans believe The Haunting update represents a pattern, as ‘QwertyKeyboard’ adds that this is the “typical Warzone lifecycle. They end up destroying the game 2 months before the next game comes out to force people on the ‘superior’ product.”

Though the recent influx of operator skin bundles is fun for those who love wild crossovers, some bundles are posing a threat to players wading their way through the fog. “With the one shot Lockwood [shotgun], the Evil Groot skin, the fog on Ashika [Island], it is like they intentionally want us to stop playing,” comments ‘_TheVengeful_’.  The ‘Evil Groot’ skin belongs to Nova, and is a battle pass exclusive cosmetic titled ‘Gaia’.

Ashika resurgence is unplayable with the new fog.
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While it does bear a resemblance to the Guardians of the Galaxy hero, Activision explains in a blog post that “Gaia is an ancient goddess of considerable power, and uses her earthen form to inspire ruin in her enemies.”

The skin is definitely part of a Warzone meta for operators, giving us flashbacks to the terror of the infamous Roze skin for the Verdansk era of Warzone. One thing you can do to combat it is use the best Warzone loadouts and a selection from the best Warzone guns to make sure you come out on top. However, as skins transfer into the next Call of Duty game, you’ll still end up facing off against Gaia when the Modern Warfare 3 release date arrives.