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Check out what $400 worth of FC 24 packs will actually get you

If you want to spend your money on FC Points in FC 24, trying to get the best players for your squad, here's what a total of 48,000 FC Points really gets you.

FC 24 pack odds Bateson87: Liverpool's Luis Diaz with a shocked emoji

Anyone opening Ultimate Team packs in FC 24 will know all-too-well that pack luck can be a cruel mistress. The percentages might seem a little low, but how bad can the FC 24 pack odds actually be when videos of impressive double walkouts are everywhere online? Well, one content creator is spending $400 on FC Points and creating a fresh squad from whatever they pack. From what we can see, gambling 48,000 FC Points on packs will net you some solid starters, but it’s far from good news if you’re hoping for someone special.

If we’re just looking at gameplay and graphics, FC 24 might just be one of the best soccer games we’ve ever played. It might not be perfect, but EA Sports’ innovations – like FC 24 PlayStyles and FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions – improve upon the studio’s earlier titles and offer players something fresh. One aspect of this game that is far from fresh, though, is its monetization. Sure, there are more ways to earn free FC 24 packs than before, but FC 24 Ultimate Team is still fundamentally a pay-to-win system. Well, we thought it was until we saw what content creator Jamie ‘Bateson87’ Bateson got from $400 worth of packs.

As you can see in the Xbox-sponsored video down below, Bateson87 spends 48,000 FC Points on packs in an effort to build the best Ultimate Team squad possible from what he gets; the results of this expensive experiment are… mixed. While he is able to boast some of the best FC 24 wingers and best FC 24 strikers in his squad, they’re not players with the highest FC 24 ratings and he only packs one special card – one of the lowest-rated FC 24 TOTW 2 players available right now.

FC 24 pack odds Bateson87: an image of the FUT team the streamer put together

If you’re trying to put together the best FC 24 starter team possible, you really could do a lot worse. Although, is this really worth $400 when some of the cheapest FC 24 players would do an equally good job in certain positions? This is only one example, but spending 48,000 FC Points on packs isn’t getting you any FC 24 Heroes or FC 24 Icons, and you’re not getting any FC 24 RTTK players – who could very-well be upgraded in a matter of weeks. You’re really spending over four-times the amount of the entire game itself on Bukayo Saka and Victor Osimhen. They’re decent players, but they’re hardly worth that much.

Is this really something of a surprise, though? Well, it shouldn’t be. If you actually look at your odds – something you should do before you’ve spent all your money on FC 24 FC Points – they’re really not that great.

At the time of writing, you only have a 7.8% chance of packing an 86 OVR or higher player from a Premium Gold Players pack. This will only cost you 350 FC Points, so you’ll get quite a few for $400. However, this is far from a guarantee. A Prime Gold Players pack, which will set you back 600 FC Points, offers you an 8.7% chance of getting an 87 OVR or above. Both of these, though, have less than a 1% chance of getting a promo card – which is currently Road To The Knockouts.

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If you splash out on the Elite Season Opener – the most expensive pack available right now – you’ll have a 5.6% chance of getting a 90 OVR or higher card and a 10% chance of getting a RTTK promo player. Sure, that isn’t bad, but 3,000 FC Points will set you back around $28. That’s quite a bit of cash, especially if you just get a pack of fodder.

From our personal experience, we’ve found that you’re just as likely to pack some of the best FC 24 GK options, or one of the best FC 24 CDMs, by just trying to earn the litany of free packs available through Squad Battles, Objectives, and more. Through these free packs and around five hours of gameplay, we’ve packed Popp (88 OVR), Kimmich (88 OVR), and Ederson (88 OVR) – among others.

If you think you have a solid squad already, though, you can check out the best FC 24 formations and best FC 24 settings right here. Both of these will help you improve your game without the need to grind out – or buy – packs. This simple strategy will net you around 14 free packs in just a couple of hours, though. That should be more than enough to get you started.