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These bizarre FC 24 giants are terrorizing Pro Clubs players

Going up the divisions in FC 24 Pro Clubs can be a brilliant laugh with your friends, especially if your EA Sports FC 24 opponents are absolutely massive.

EA Sports FC 24 giants bug glitch

Before FC 24 arrived on the scene, even the best FIFA games had their share of bugs from time to time. However, if you’re committing some serious time into Pro Clubs on EA Sports FC 24, then this extremely bizarre FC 24 giants bug is likely going to be the strangest thing you’ve seen on the pitch. Well, aside from your friends’ squad performance knocking you down a division.

FC 24 content creator and TikTok user ‘backoutfc’ brings attention to a gigantic squad roaming the stadium, as they try to emerge victorious in FC 24 Pro Clubs. “F***ing size of [them] […] they’re all so big! Why are they all so big!” exclaims the content creator. The opposing squad are so tall, that you can see them using their tip-toes, just about managing to hit the ball. While we can’t quite make it out as the hilarious match continues, backoutfc claims “they are getting bigger” as time counts down for a win.

It is the kind of oddball stuff that would make for an amazing cheat code or toggle in the settings. Though, we wager EA Sports won’t be focusing on that anytime soon. But what exactly is the nature of giant players in one of the best sports games from this year?? Well, according to the official EA Sports FC 24 tracker for updates, it isn’t currently flagged as a known glitch within the game.

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While previous FIFA games and FC 24 allow you to alter the appearance of your own player and their attributes, we can’t say we’ve seen the rest of the squad drastically change like these enormous players. Unfortunately, you can’t mess around with height parameters for your AI teammates. The perspective is a sight to behold, though, as you can see below. We don’t fancy our chances of overcoming that wall during a free kick. Although, you might have a chance if you’re utilizing FC 24 PlayStyles along the way.FC 24 giants pro clubs

We’ll be looking out for any other squads of this nature, but while you avoid the wrath of these giants, it might be time to focus your attention FC 24 Ultimate Team. In fact, here’s how to earn FC 24 XP fast in Ultimate Team, and acquire some free FC 24 Ultimate Team packs too.