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This Spider-Man 2 easter egg is an awesome callback you might miss

Spider-Man 2 is finally available on PS5 and if you're swinging into the Insomniac Games title, you'll come across this excellent callback to the first game.

spider-man 2 be greater trailer easter egg reference

So, Spider-Man 2 is here after the long wait, and there is so much to unpack in the latest Insomniac Games adventure. Understandably, you’ll be blown away by the game’s usage of the PS5’s hardware, but once you dig into the game’s story, there are plenty of secrets to uncover. Spider-Man 2 easter eggs are already appearing, including this reference to the first game’s trailers. However, we’ll warn you, as this does contain some story spoilers from the first 2 hours of the game.

Before Spider-Man 2 was even on the cards, we’re sure you remember that awesome ‘Be Greater’ trailer. Whether you saw it on TV, YouTube, or maybe even TikTok, this short 124 second clip encapsulates the unbreakable spirit of our favorite wall-crawler. Now, with Spider-Man 2 emerging as one of the must-play new PS5 games, it appears that Insomniac Games is paying tribute to the trailer early on in the game.

In the mission Not On My Watch, Peter and Miles are tasked with overseeing a transfer of Spider-Man 2 villains Scorpion and Mr Negative from The RAFT, but as you may expect, it goes awry pretty quickly. The pair staves off an attack from new enemies aboard a tanker, but it becomes damaged and submerged in water.

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As Miles attempts to navigate the wreckage, he is wounded by Scorpion, who’s tail inflicts Miles with hallucinations. It’s here where you could miss the first ‘Be Greater’ easter egg from one of the best PS5 games around, as Miles’ visions echo that trailer.

With multiple familiar faces from the list of Spider-Man 2 characters appearing, Miles sees a version of his life where he doesn’t exist, and those closest to him are seemingly better off without the burden of his secret identity. You’ll navigate these hallucinations, web-zipping between each scenario, before eventually summoning the strength to reach the surface. However, this is only the first instance of a callback, as a more direct version comes later on.

The mission Set Things Right lifts the sequence of Peter Parker crashing toward the ground, with enemies like Doctor Octavius, Rhino, Electro, and Scorpion appearing in another vision sequence. However, this time it is Miles who is experiencing the wrath of Peter’s rogue gallery. It is moments like this that highlight the great character work Insomniac does, while also serving as a fun reference for fans to enjoy.

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