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Does Spider-Man 2 have new game plus on the PS5?

If you’re hoping to beat up early-game criminals again with a range of new powers, then you may be hoping for a Spider-Man 2 new game plus mode.

Spider-Man 2 new game plus: Spider-Man swinging through New York in Spider-Man 2 PS5 game in front of a red background

Does Spider-Man 2 have new game plus? If you’ve managed to swing in and save the day as the web-slinging dual protagonists Miles and Peter, congratulations! But what happens next? While the player journey didn’t quite end here in previous installments of Insomniac’s Spidey series, the lack of a Spider-Man 2 new game plus at launch has left some fans scratching the tops of their masks.

Having to unlock all of the 80-odd Spider-Man 2 PS5 suits again on a second playthrough sounds like a chore, even if the expanded New York City makes it one of the best open world games out there. Fortunately, we’ve played through the entire game during our glowing Spider-Man 2 PS5 review, so here’s if you can restart the story with all of your hard work still intact.

Does Spider-Man 2 have new game plus?

No, Spider-Man 2 on PS5 doesn’t have a new game plus mode from our experience after completing the game for our review. However, it will be coming as part of a post-launch update before the end of 2023. This news was shared by Insomniac Games community & marketing director James Stevenson on Twitter.

While you don’t get a new game plus mode unlocked at the end of the game right now, you do receive a new difficulty mode – called “Ultimate”. When playing on Ultimate enemies will have increased health and deal more damage. They’ll also be more aggressive towards you. If you’re looking for the ultimate challenge, and don’t care about carrying over your abilities, this is a great reason to replay the story from scratch.

Spider-Man 2 new game plus: Ultimate difficult unlock pop up in Spider-Man 2 PS5 game

The lack of new game plus at launch isn’t unusual for recent PlayStation 5 games, either. God of War Ragnarok’s new game plus mode didn’t arrive until a couple of months after launch, but offered some new gear to unlock, alongside some additional challenges, making replaying the game much more worth it.

However, since the game will likely get a bigger file size with future updates, it might be worth picking up the best PS5 SSDs so you can install some other games on your console. That base storage isn’t looking too big with all of these new PS5 games coming out right now, let alone all of the excellent PS5 exclusives Sony continues to populate its catalog with.

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As for what we expect from the new game plus, we’re hopeful that any unlocked skills, suits, powers, and tokens will carry over to the new game plus for Spider-Man 2. We also hope some extra features will arrive too, such as new unlockable skills or stronger enemies to defeat.

That being said, both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales had a new game plus that simply carried over your progress – it’s not looking good. As a saving grace for our hopes and dreams, Miles Morales did have some powers that you could only afford to purchase on a second playthrough, so there could very well be some extras in this iteration. We will have to see whether Insomniac Games decides to improve the mode or leave it as it has been in previous games.

That’s what we currently know about Spider-Man 2’s new game plus on PS5. While it isn’t here yet, you can always take a break and check out some of the other best PS5 games to pass the time. You could even get ready for new game plus by picking up one of the best PS5 controllers right now, such as the DualSense Edge, to really amplify your experience. Happy web-slinging!