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Lords of the Fallen crossplay is to be “further optimised”, devs say

Conquering the bosses of Axiom and Umbral is better with friends, but Lords of the Fallen crossplay is out of action as HexWorks refines the game's multiplayer.

Lords of the Fallen crossplay multiplayer

You might be an expert when it comes to slaying enemies in soulslike games like Lords of the Fallen, but exploring Axiom and Umbral is even better when you’ve got company. Developer HexWorks promises to deliver a smooth multiplayer experience in the latest entry to the franchise, but players are quickly running into teething issues. Now, HexWorks addresses how Lords of the Fallen crossplay is undergoing work to bring it up to standard.

“Following player feedback, we’re working with our partners at Redpoint and Epic [Games] to enhance crossplay functionality,” explains HexWorks on social media. However, while this work takes place, the Lords of the Fallen developer adds “therefore, this feature has been temporarily disabled until it’s been further optimized.”

A soft reboot of sorts to its 2014 predecessor, Lords of the Fallen multiplayer can be contained within your friend group, as long as you both use the same player-set password in your playthrough. Though The Loadout’s Lords of the Fallen review found issues with the game’s performance, if you’re a soulslike fanatic, it could be one of the best RPG games for you to check out.

Lords of the Fallen crossplay update

It isn’t all bad news if you’re hoping to team up with your friends or even battle other players, as HexWorks confirms that “co-op & PvP multiplayer remain active within your chosen platform.” When the feature is working as intended, whether  you’re on PS5 or Xbox, you don’t need to worry about conquering all those bosses with Lords of the Fallen crossplay.

Multiplayer in the game is activated at the game’s Vestiges, which are the equivalent of bonfires from Dark Souls. HexWorks notes how “seamless” co-op is present in the game, removing obstacles like acquiring a litany of items, as seen in From Software titles. Before a crossplay update is rolled out, HexWorks details several other tweaks to the game in the latest Lords of the Fallen patch notes. Specifically, a series of changes increase the game’s performance on all platforms:

  • Performance: Barrage of echoes eyeballs explosion had a lingering VFX that could be kept active for longer than intended, which hindered performance if abused
  • Audio: Umbral stigmas now have a nicer sound for their activation and deactivation
  • PVP: We’ve deactivated the ability to parry other players’ kicks to allow an additional option when you find a very good “parrier”
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While you venture out alone in Axiom and Umbral, it is worth checking out our Lords of the Fallen map guide, because it is very easy to lose yourself amid the chaos. Here are the best Lords of the Fallen builds too, which will make obliterating each one of the Lords of the Fallen bosses easier.