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Lords of the Fallen map size, regions, more

There are many regions within the Lords of the Fallen map and it’s a good idea to get a lay of the land for when you jump in on PS5, Xbox, or PC.

Lords of the Fallen Map: A soldier figure can be seen

There’s more to the Lords of the Fallen map than you might expect. In a land known as Mournstead, 1,000 years after the events of the first game, a demon king known as Adyr is on the rise, and it’s up to you to stop him. However, in order to do so, you not only need to walk the land of the living: Axiom but must also journey through the land of the dead: Umbral. Umbral is a treacherous place, but it also gives you a second chance at life.

When you dive into Lords of the Fallen on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox, not only is it a good idea to be familiar with the map but the Lords of the Fallen bosses, too who you will find scattered across the land. They serve as obstacles on your journey whether you are playing alone or in Lords of the Fallen multiplayer.

Lords of the Fallen map

Unsurprisingly, as a sprawling RPG, the Lords of the Fallen map is huge, splitting into various regions, each of which possesses its own unique sense of danger. Each individual area varies in size, though they all share the ability to switch between Umbral and Axiom.

You see, not everything is as it seems, and regardless of which region you’re in, you may have to travel into the land of the dead to find the way forward. In Axiom, the realm of the living, some pathways and areas may be blocked, and the only means of removing the obstacle is to head into the land of the dead, as we mentioned in our Lords of the Fallen gameplay preview.

The majority of areas on the map are home to at least one of the bosses, though as some are optional, you need to venture into unmarked territory, as it were. There are hidden pathways throughout the map, though some are only accessible depending on which realm it is you’re currently in.

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Lords of the Fallen map regions

The Lords of the Fallen map regions confirmed so far are:

  • Skyrest Bridge
  • Shuja’s Swamp
  • Moonstead
  • Pilgrim’s Perch

One of the more dark, dismal regions to explore is Shuja’s Swamps – who knows what lurks in those dank bogs. Though not all the regions have been named, the various gameplay trailers show that there’s a great variety in the environments. You walk along mountainsides, travel to a fiery village, explore forests, and more. Skyrest Bridge is where you encounter a boss fight with Pieta.

Lords of the Fallen Map: Umbral can be seen

Lords of the Fallen map puzzles

When in the land of the dead: Umbral, to find the way forward in Axiom, you may have to solve puzzles. If a pathway is blocked in the land of the living, you can follow the tendrils in Umbral to destroy the cause of the obstruction.

However, progression in Axiom doesn’t always require you to go into Umbral. Just looking through the Umbral lamp is sometimes enough for you to pass on through. You might also come across enemies that you can’t see or harm. If you’re still in the realm of the living, you, once again, need to make use of the lamp to locate a nearby parasite and slay it. After that, you can attack your enemy.

Is Lords of the Fallen open-world?

Lords of the Fallen has a semi-open world map, so while you don’t get the same amount of freedom as you do in a game like Elden Ring, you still have plenty of options for exploration within linear areas. Like the majority of Soulslikes, Lords of the Fallen features many different hidden pathways that you can explore within an area.

Lords of the Fallen Map: A location can be seen

The Lords of the Fallen map is vast, featuring many regions and dangers across the two realms of Axiom and Lords of the Fallen Umbral, so make sure you choose the best Lords of the Fallen class to survive. You can also find a deeper dive into the Lords of the Fallen Axiom and Lords of the Fallen Umbral regions.