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Everything to know about Axiom in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen’s Axiom realm offers PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X players a lot of challenges as they must learn to navigate this world.

Lords of the Fallen Axiom: A player and a boss can be seen

Axiom is one of the two worlds that you can explore in Lords of the Fallen, though it differs considerably from its counterpart, Umbral. Lords of the Fallen Axiom, also known as the realm of the living, is a place that you need to acquaint yourself with, as this world is full of danger, enemies, and obstacles to overcome as you fight to overthrow Adyr, The Demon King.

To make it through the challenges Axiom throws your way, you will need to find the right Lords of the Fallen classes for your playthrough. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses that can determine how easy or difficult certain Lords of the Fallen bosses can be, many of which you will be fighting in Axiom. It offers its own unique experience beyond what Lords of the Fallen Umbral offers.

Lords of the Fallen Axiom

You begin your journey in Axiom and need to be ready to spend a great deal of time here. This is the base “world-state” of the game. Like in any Soulslike, you can expect to encounter a lot of enemies throughout the world and in each region. However, it is less stressful than Umbral which has harder enemies and other challenges.

Unlike Umbral, you don’t need to use a lamp to peer into Axiom as it is the base world-state. Instead, this is the realm of the living, and that means that this is the land in which you walk when alive.

Lords of the Fallen Axiom: A player can be seen in Axiom

If you fall in battle in Axiom, you lose one of your lives. While the likes of Dark Souls and Elden Ring condition you to believe death is the end and that you need to fight your way back to this spot for your dropped goods, Lords of the Fallen takes a different approach. Your death doesn’t mark the end of your journey. At least not the first time. If you die in Axiom, you then find yourself in your second life, but that life will be in Umbral. Mind you, being in the realm of the dead isn’t a bad thing, and sometimes it’s even necessary to willingly leave Axiom to progress.

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How to solve puzzles in Axiom

As you travel through Axiom, you come across various obstacles and puzzles. The way forward appears to be blocked, leaving you stranded in an unknown place. Luckily, not everything is as it seems, for you can use the Umbral lamp to light your way. When you raise the lamp, it may show that the way forward is clear in Umbral, allowing you to walk through with the lamp active.

However, sometimes, you have to actually sacrifice one of your two lives and willingly enter Umbral. Here, you can then follow the tendrils and kill the parasite causing your path to be blocked. It can also help you to get into a position to interact with the environment in Umbral, allowing you to cross bridges and the like.

Lords of the Fallen Axiom: A player can be seen fighting an enemy

Is Axiom harder than Umbral?

It’s clear that while Axiom offers its challenges, Axiom isn’t as hard as Umbral, meaning it’s a more forgiving place to be. If you die, you always get a second life which is great as only when you die in Umbral you lose progress and have to fight your way back to your lost items.

In addition, enemies get harder the longer you are in Umbral, which isn’t the case in Axiom.

Can you play in multiplayer in Axiom?

Yes, you can still use Lords of the Fallen multiplayer in Axiom. When you summon a player to help you, they enter the exact same realm as you. So, if you’re in Axiom, not only do you have two lives, but so does your companion, meaning death doesn’t separate the two of you like it does in Elden Ring – you can revive your friend and keep going. Better still, you don’t have to use an item to have them join you in Axiom. You just need to approach one of the many Vestiges in the game.

Make no mistake about Lords of the Fallen’s Axiom. While you’re set to spend a lot of time here, you will also spend a lot of time exploring the Lords of the Fallen map, with many hidden passages to find in both of the realms.