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Everything to know about Umbral in Lords of the Fallen

Find out all the secrets Lords of the Fallen Umbral has hiding in its world of the undead as you are traversing Mornstead on PS5, Xbox, or PC.

Lords of the Fallen Umbral: A figure can be seen

Lords of the Fallen Umbral is one of two distinct worlds you must explore in the Soulslike. Otherwise known as the land of the dead, Umbral holds its own dangers and mysteries that you need to navigate and it is vastly different to what you will find in Axiom.

Whether you are on PS5, Xbox, or PC, it’s vital you learn all there is to know about the Lords of the Fallen map in order to navigate the treacherous land and find your way in Umbral. Naturally, whether you are in Lords of the Fallen Axiom or Umbral, there are many Lords of the Fallen bosses that want to halt your process. It’s been 1,000 years since the events of the first game, and a vast array of new threats have emerged.

Lords of the Fallen Umbral

Umbral is also known as the land of the dead and, as such, it’s home to many beings that wish to do you harm. To gain access to Umbral, you need to make use of your Umbral lamp, and the longer you stay in this realm, the harder enemies will become. In Umbral, there are a vast variety of puzzles to complete and secrets to find that aren’t visible in Axiom.

These include gaps in a bridge. Though it may be broken in the realm of the living – Axiom, one look through the lamp shows it to be intact in the realm of the dead. As soon as you start your journey, you receive the lamp, and this can quite literally guide your way. Not only does it serve as a key between the two realms, but should your path be blocked in Axiom, raising your Umbral Lamp might show a gap for you to travel through without having to enter Umbral fully.

However, while the lamp does show the way forward, sometimes you need to fully transition into Umbral in order to progress. In this realm, there are objects that you need to interact with in order to move forward. In order to enter the realm of the dead, you need to sacrifice one of your two lives. While death in Axiom is final thanks to a second chance in Umbral, the same doesn’t apply in Umbral itself. If you die here, there’s no backup plan to save you.

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Is Umbral harder than Axiom in Lords of the Fallen?

Objectively speaking, yes, Umbral is harder than Axiom. The reason for this is simple, you have two lives at your disposal but must sacrifice one if you wish to enter Umbral. As such, death is final in this realm, whereas in Axiom, if you die, you have a second chance in Umbral. Additionally, the longer you spend in Umbral, the harder enemies will become

Both worlds offer their own challenges, but given that just looking through the Umbral lamp has its perils, the land of the dead is the more treacherous of the two.

Lords of the Fallen Umbral: A player can be seen in Umbral

Using the Umbral lamp itself can also be dangerous as it makes navigating the realm of the dead quite costly while still in Axiom more perilous. While in the land of the living, just peeking through the lamp to discover the way forward opens you up to attack. You can’t attack enemies in Umbral unless you’re there physically, but they can still hurt you when you look through the lamp. If you are hit they will pull you fully into Umbral, meaning not only do they attack you, but they instantly cost you one of your two lives, unless you find a way to escape.

How to escape Umbral in Lords of the Fallen?

Umbral can be escaped in Lords of the Fallen by finding a Vestige and interacting with it. This acts as a save spot and also pulls you back into the world of the living, whether you have sacrificed your initial life or ended up in Umbral after being hit.

Lords of the Fallen Umbral: Two players can be seen fighting a boss

While not easy, there are more than enough Vestiges lying around for you to be able to get back out.

It’s clear that Lords of the Fallen’s Umbral is a unique world that offers a different dimension to the game. It’s the perfect counterpart to Lords of the Fallen’s Axiom and using the right one of the Lords of the Fallen classes for you is key to success.