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Farming souls in The Haunting is a breeze with this Warzone method

Whether you're grinding for weapon camos or calling cards, this soul farming method Warzone's The Haunting event will make it easier to get those COD rewards.

Warzone soul farm the haunting

Halloween spirit is all around Al Mazrah in Warzone right now, as The Haunting manifests itself in the Call of Duty battle royale. Alongside the latest iteration of this annual event are fresh COD rewards to get hold of, but you don’t have long to claim them all. However, with this Warzone soul farming method, you can make the grind easier for you and your squadmates.

While some players might find The Haunting a stray too far from the realism of the Call of Duty franchise, these annual events can still be loads of fun for one of the best battle royale games around. To claim the rewards within The Haunting battle pass, you’ll need to gather souls around the map, and YouTuber ‘LegoUnlocked’ crafts a fast way to do that. With over 600 souls at the time of the video’s upload date, the YouTuber explains an easier method is to “play Shipment 24/7, in Shipment 24/7 you can get a total of 12 souls. Each enemy you kill is going to drop 2 souls.”

However, once this enemy player has dropped their souls, you’ll to kill different players to collect more and wait for the match to finish. This method is ideal for if you’re looking for more casual and easy going, but there is a method if you’re looking for something with a faster pace. Before you do it, though, we recommend equipping one of the best Warzone loadouts, or at least a selection for the current Warzone meta.

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As DMZ is the “slowest” way to grind souls, LegoUnlocked notes that Massive Resurgence Quads is the best playlist for soul farming. By landing on the new version of Al Mazrah train, you can loot over 8 different chests between each carriage. “You can get all 20 [souls] in about 2 minutes, just going inside the train, opening all the chests, and killing all the people that come in behind you,” says LegoUnlocked.

“I’d recommend getting a squad of 4, every enemy you kill is going to drop 3 souls. Unless you’ve already killed them once, killing them again isn’t going to drop anymore,” the COD content creator adds. As you can easily come across other tons of other players in Al Mazrah, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get those other souls. Although, you’ll have trouble if they’re using some of the best Warzone guns that are dominating the game. Once you’ve got your souls, you don’t need to finish the match, so feel free to back out and repeat your journey to train again.

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There are some surprising additions to be found in The Haunting battle pass, including this excellent throwback to Infinite Warfare’s Zombies in Spaceland. More threats and fun are coming to The Haunting, as Warzone Zombie Royale will make the soul farming even deadlier.