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Warzone Zombie Royale is headed to The Haunting, here’s when it begins

Warzone The Haunting is now live for Call of Duty players, but Raven Software confirms the event's best and returning mode isn't playable in the game yet.

Warzone The Haunting Zombie Royale

Jump scares, ghouls, and garish guns are all back for Warzone The Haunting, including a selection of Call of Duty playlists to get stuck into. Alongside crossovers with Evil Dead, Diablo 4, and He-Man, there’s also the return of Zombie Royale to anticipate. A fan favorite from the Verdansk days, if you’re wondering if it is returning for the new event, you’ll need to be patient.

Sharing a roster of confirmed playlists for the latest Warzone event, Call of Duty developer Raven Software announces the playlists on social media. “Here’s your first week of Playlists for The Haunting in Warzone! Starting today [October 17] you can jump into Vondead or Al Mazrah’s night variation,” says Raven Software. Following the launch of the event, Raven confirms that on Friday, October 20, 2023, that “Zombie Royale and Vondead at night arrive.”

The wait isn’t too excruciating to dive into Zombie Royale, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying for diehard undead slayers dropping into one of the best battle royale games around. Zombie Royale debuted in The Haunting of Verdansk, which also sported a night variation of the map. Later versions also saw Rebirth Island get the undead treatment. Don’t worry if you’ve not played it, it is very easy to get the hang of, and the best part is that you get a second chance of winning upon death.

Call of Duty Warzone The Haunting Playlists

However, don’t expect anything like the upcoming MW3 Zombies mode. You won’t find any Ray Guns here, but like traditional battle royale, it is all about ensuring there is one last team standing, though they’ll need a living operator in their squad. Typically, supporting 150 players in trio formations, the circle still swallows up the map. As it is nighttime in Al Mazrah, visibility is limited, and you can get taken out for easier.

Players who die and respawn as a Zombie have increased strength and powers, but at the cost of reduced health. However, there is a chance to come back as a normal operator, if you kill two other players and collect ‘syringes’ to become human again.

While The Haunting isn’t canon to the ongoing COD Zombies storyline, we do wonder if there is a pocket dimension in the Dark Aether that harbors all of these bizarre events. Even though it is a novelty event, that doesn’t mean that the Warzone meta isn’t still present.

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