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New Warzone Halloween event sees IW Zombies boss unexpectedly return

If you're wondering which Warzone Halloween event bosses you're going to stumble across in Al Mazrah and Vondead, you may recognize one of them from an old COD.

Warzone Halloween bosses: Roze in orange face paint with some alien emojis

At long last, the new Warzone Halloween event is here and with it comes a lot of new content for fans of both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 to enjoy. From the introduction of Zombie Royale and Vondead in the battle royale, to the resurgence of Infected and several spooky map changes in the multiplayer experience, there’s a lot for players to explore in The Haunting. Interestingly, though, among the selection of Warzone Halloween event bosses you’ll be met with in Al Mazrah you’ll find the infamous UFO from Infinite Warfare – which, we admit, seems a little out of place.

We know a seasonal event like The Haunting isn’t going to help Warzone assert itself as one of the best battle royale games again (not alone, anyway), but we can’t help but get excited about what we’re in for over the coming weeks. When it comes to Halloween events, at least in Warzone, Call of Duty is up there with any other one of the best FPS games out there. A lot of players have been waiting a while for this iteration of The Haunting to arrive and it looks like it’s going to live up to the hype.

However, when you look at the list of all the bosses you’ll come across when you’re running around Zombie Royale and the night-time variant of Al Mazrah ahead of the release of the new Warzone map, there’s one that stands out from the rest – and we’re not talking about the fact that The Butcher from Diablo 4 is on that list.

As you can see in The Haunting content roadmap down below (in the upper left of the design), there are four Warzone Halloween event bosses for you to find in Al Mazrah – and then another exclusive to Vondead. They are:

  • Swamp Creature
  • The Pharoah
  • Ghost Train
  • UFO
  • The Butcher (only on Vondead)

Warzone Halloween Event bosses roadmap: an image of The Haunting roadmap

And, here’s the relevant bit zoomed in for you:

Warzone Halloween event bosses: the roadmap for The Haunting, highlighting the bosses

While we’ve seen a Ghost Train in Warzone before, and we can imagine characters like The Pharoah and Swamp Creature will be easy enough to dispose of, the one thing that stands out in this small selection of sinister spooks is the UFO. If you look closely, this UFO seems almost identical to the UFO you find at the end of the Zombies In Spaceland easter egg in Infinite Warfare Zombies.

At the moment, this is everything Call of Duty has shared about the UFO – thanks to this Call of Duty Blog post on The Haunting event. The latest Call of Duty patch notes don’t actually mention any of the bosses beyond The Butcher, strangely.

“Witnesses report seeing strange lights and [[REDACTED]] in the night sky over [[REDACTED]], though unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAP) has [[REDACTED]] or “orbs”.”

Now, of course, we know that doesn’t specify whether this is the same UFO or not, but you can check out the UFO in action in Zombies In Spaceland below and see that it’s clearly similar.

YouTube Thumbnail

Looking at the footage of the Zombies gameplay above, you can see the Alien bosses fire “orbs” at you which, while they travel slower than bullets, deal splash damage when they impact a surface – or you. We know these don’t come from the UFO itself a lot of the time, but we can imagine this is the sort of attack you’re going to find yourself met with if you encounter the UFO in Warzone. Who knows, we might even come across the Aliens as well; Call of Duty is keeping quite a lot of this event under wraps.

This might not mean a lot, as this is a seasonal Warzone event and not something like MW3 Zombies (which is expected to continue the Dark Aether canon), but it could also mean that there’s more canon in Infinite Warfare’s iteration of Call of Duty Zombies than we first thought.

In any case, that’s a conversation for another time. We know the weapon blueprints are the real reason why you should get Warzone’s Diablo 4 bundle, but we do think running around as Lilith would be a lot of fun. If you’re just there to win, though, you can check out the best Warzone loadouts and the latest builds for the best Warzone guns right here. We don’t know how effective they’ll be against a UFO yet, but it can’t hurt to make sure you can defend yourself against any Aliens you may come across – just in case.