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MW3 Zombies leaks claim COD DMZ style pay-to-win aspects are coming

Modern Warfare Zombies is a turning point for the beloved Call of Duty mode, but new MW3 leaks claim it will contain DMZ style pay-to-win elements.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Pay To Win Bundles COD Store

Call of Duty players have been clamoring for a dedicated COD Zombies story mode for years, and in lieu of a standalone game, MW3 Zombies is the closest thing yet. Treyarch returns to innovate on the mode once again, which replaces DMZ mode in Modern Warfare 3. However, despite an array of promising features, new leaks claim players will have access to advantages in the COD store.

According to known Call of Duty leaker ‘HeyImAlaix’, the leaker alleges that the new Zombies mode will feature aspects that can give players bundle exclusive effects, just like DMZ mode. While the specific buffs and advantages are unclear, it is likely that these purported bundles could give players free killstreaks, additional item slots, or mission-specific buffs.

Notably, the Warzone spin-off mode has given DMZ players UAVs and extra Active Operator Slots, kitting players out with an extra playable operator that can also carry desirable items. The leaker has made the rounds with a series of leaks regarding MW3 Gear and other aspects of the game, using the MW3 beta to datamine left over assets from developer trio Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch, and Raven Software. The beta, which stands as the first taste of MW3 multiplayer, currently features classic maps from of the best FPS games in the franchise – Modern Warfare 2 (2009).

MW3 Zombies pay to win

However, you can’t access the next version of COD Zombies in the beta. MW3 Zombies, otherwise known as MWZ, is somewhat of a spiritual successor to Black Ops Cold War‘s Outbreak mode. The latter transports players to several different locations, in an open-world style setting, with objectives to complete along the way.

The Modern Warfare 3 iteration is touted to be the first ever open-world Zombies experience, using the brand-new Warzone map as its primary setting. However, at present, it won’t feature round-based maps when the Modern Warfare 3 release date arrives. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, as we’ve made a case as to why it could be the recovery COD Zombies needs after the missteps of Call of Duty Vanguard.

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Whether you’re looking forward to MW3 Zombies or kicking back in multiplayer, it is worth looking into what MW3 pre-order options are available. You could even get Modern Warfare 3 for free, thanks to this awesome bundle.