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The blueprints are the real reason to get Warzone’s Diablo 4 bundle

If you want to make sure you're using the best Warzone weapons available right now ahead of the Haunting event, the Diablo 4 Lilith bundle is what you need.

Warzone Lilith operator bundle, an image of the Diablo 4 demon and Captain Price

If you weren’t sure whether spooky season was actually upon us, we have news for you: it really is. Ahead of the Haunting event in Warzone and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and of course the start of the Season of Blood in Diablo 4, the Lilith operator bundle is now available in the battle royale. It’s one of the weirdest collaborations we’ve seen so far, but it also features weapon blueprints you’re going to want to get your hands on.

We know there’s a lot of debate as to whether Warzone deserves to be called one of the best battle royale games out there after all the missteps Call of Duty has made, but it’s hard to deny that it’s still a lot of fun to play. Not only this, but Activision is starting to get a little more creative with its collaborations, which is never a bad thing. We know the Godzilla vs Kong Caldera event was a little extreme, but Warzone Season 6 sees this spooky feature finally make a comeback and it’s shaping up to be an excellent place to spend your gaming hours throughout the Halloween season.

Oh, and you’ll also be able to run around Al Mazrah (and eventually Urzikstan – the new Warzone map coming after the MW3 release date rolls around) as the literal Mother of Demons, Lilith, from Diablo 4. You know, if you don’t mind the fact that the huge horns and giant wings might give away your position in the final circle.

The skin itself is just one of several unusual collaborations coming to Call of Duty this spooky season, with the entire Season 6 Battle Pass also Spawn themed – which isn’t something we expected to see when Modern Warfare 2 arrived all those months ago- and characters like Skeletor and Evil Dead’s Ash Williams expected. However, it’s not all about the operator cosmetics; in fact, the real value lies in the weapon blueprints.

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This Tracer Pack Lilith Operator Bundle is actually going to help you throw together some of the best Warzone loadouts right now, because it brings blueprints for some of the best Warzone guns (at the moment) to the Gunsmith. With recoil control the focus, the Blood Petal weapon blueprint looks like one of the best Warzone TR-76 Geist loadouts out there, and the Eternal Conflict weapon blueprint transforms the Iso 45 into one of the best Warzone SMG options available.

Specifically, the TR-76 Geist comes with the ZLR Talon 5 muzzle, the FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel, and a 45 Round Mag attachment. The Iso 45, on the other hand, comes with the XRX Sandstorm muzzle attachment, the 9″ PTX Trainer barrel, and the EXP Shear rear grip – all excellent options that are then tuned even further, to take advantage of their strengths.

They also come with Blood Petal tracer rounds, animated decals, and the Ascension death effect – which, you know, is pretty cool either way. It’s definitely the right season for kill effects like that, anyway.

You can check out everything you get right here, thanks to ‘CODMWStore‘ online:

Warzone Lilith Operator Bundle: an image of the blueprints you get in the bundle

Ultimately, if you want to make sure you’re using one of the best Warzone assault rifle options right now, this operator bundle will ensure that. You should also check out the best Warzone Kastov 762 loadout, though – that’s still going strong despite the nerfs. The aforementioned TR-76 Geist is the better of the two right about now, but the heavier Kastov 762 is far from a bad second option.

While we could see a minor balancing update arrive when the Haunting begins on October 17, we think the Warzone meta is going to remain largely unchanged going into the second half of the final season. Then, roll on Modern Warfare 3 early access, the Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 release date, and the start of Warzone’s next era. Having a couple of decent blueprints to hand when this arrives is going to be far from a bad thing.