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Apex Legends’ new gameplay trailer arrives detailing Conduit’s kit

If you're looking for a new main in Apex Legends, here's all the details regarding Conduit's abilities ahead of the Season 19 update.

Apex Legends conduit abilities: an image of the FPS character thinking

The next major Apex Legends update is almost upon us and Respawn Entertainment is showing off the Apex Games’ newest contestant, Conduit, with a brand new Ignite gameplay trailer you won’t want to miss out on. If you want to know exactly what Apex Legends’ Conduit abilities are ahead of Season 19, this really is our best look at them yet – and they look like a lot of fun to use.

We know Apex Legends’ new Ignite trailer shows off Conduit’s abilities a little, but Respawn Entertainment didn’t fully define them in the cinematic. So, while we know Conduit’s going to bolster her allies shields in one of the best FPS games available at the moment, that game being Apex Legends of course, we don’t know how-exactly this is going to work – or what the rest of her kit really entails. Now, though, ahead of the Apex Legends Season 19 release date, a fresh gameplay trailer is dropping and fantastic look at Conduit’s abilities is here. If you’re looking for someone new to climb the Apex Legends ranks with, you might just be in luck.

As you can see for yourself in the Ignite gameplay trailer below, Conduit’s tactical ability is called Radiant Transfer. This sends a surge of energy to a teammate, generating additional temporary shields for them and Conduit. It doesn’t charge your actual shields, but can be used to negate an oncoming attack – and, we can imagine, survive and ultimate or two.

Her passive, though, is where things get really interesting. Named Savior’s Speed, Conduit will gain a burst of speed when running towards a teammate outside of her tactical ability’s range. This is going to help players get stuck into the fight even quicker and, with any luck, saving any allies under attack.

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Finally, Conduit’s ultimate ability is called Energy Barricade – a simple, but effective name for describing what this actually does. When activated, Conduit will deploy an array of shield-jamming devices which both damage and slow enemies caught in their area of effect. If your enemies are trying to retreat, this should help you see them off.

Is Conduit going to find herself at the top of our Apex Legends tier list when she arrives? Well, we don’t know for certain, as it’s clear that she’s one legend that requires a lot of communication and coordination to make the most of what she can offer. However, like any Support really, if you can get your timings right and your comms on point, you should find that she’s quite the effective combatant in the coming season.

If you want to know what her being a Support legend actually means, you can refresh yourself on all the Apex Legends classes and their unique benefits right here. We know Apex Legends is trying to “slow down” the development of new legends, but we’re glad Conduit is the first new face after Revenant’s rebirth. As an offensive legend, the roster needs balance – and it’s looking like Conduit can provide that.