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Party Animals best weapons and full weapon list

When frustrating physics isn’t enough to infuriate your friends, use the best Party Animals weapons to plan your assault in style on Xbox and PC.

Party Animals Weapons: A Corgi can be seen

Wht are the best Party Animals weapons? If you’ve been searching for a new party game to play with your friends, then look no further than Party Animals. This cute physics-based multiplay game challenges you to find out who is the most steady and combat-savvy critter among your best buddies across a variety of game modes. It’s a brawler by trade, but when good old-fashioned fists aren’t good enough, it’s natural to turn to the next best thing, a variety of comically dangerous hand-held weapons. Our list covering all the Party Animals Weapons will let you know what you can use in battle when Party Animals launches later this year.

Eagle-eyed fans might notice some tools being used that are outside of this list. Beyond the weapons we’ve spotted, there appear to be environmentally dependent hazards, from bombs to bottles, that you’ll have to watch for when you’re battling it out as one of the Party Animals characters on Xbox and PC right now. Plus it’s best to prepare for if a Party Animals PS5 release comes down the line.

Party Animals best weapons

The best Party Animals weapons are:

  • Shovel
  • Ice Shooter
  • Bomb

An important caveat before we jump into things in detail is that not all weapons in Party Animals are available in all rounds, with varying drop rates. While we’ve picked out the top few, you may often be faced with awkward options on the battlefield, so we recommend mastering the basic moveset available for each, as it’s a lot more useful in a pinch than an unwieldy weapon like the nunchucks.

Kicking things off, we have the mighty Shovel. This two-handed menace is fairly easy to grab when in a rush and smacks other players away with speed, perfect for Party Animal’s fast-paced combat. You’ll also have a great chance of landing knockouts, which in battle royale-like rounds can make all the difference.

Don’t reach for the crossbow for long-distance damage; look for the Ice Shooter. This weapon sends blasts of ice at other players, freezing them. The temporary ice prison is also slippery, so once encased, you can boot them as far away as possible, hopefully spelling their demise.

The Bomb is one of the more approachable weapons in Party Animals and packs a punch with minimal skill and effort involved. When it pops up in your game, all you need to do is grab, throw and stay clear as you wait for the boom. While it’s not the most delicate of choices, it can shake things up and disrupt players of all skill levels with its shockwave.

Party Animals weapons list

The 11 Party Animals weapons are:

  • Lollipop
  • Pan
  • Shovel
  • Tennis Racket
  • Hammer
  • Plunger
  • Gun
  • Nunchucks
  • Boomerang
  • Baseball Bat
  • Crossbow

Party Animals Weapons: The Lollipop can be seen


Sweet as an idea alone, the Lollipop appears to be a tool for straight-up pummeling. As seen in a video from the Party Animals Twitter account, the lollipop can be used in both a two or one-handed style to wallop others into the ground with some decent force; just make sure to get a run-up as you swing.

Party Animals Weapons: The Pan can be seen


A classic comedic melee weapon, the pan appears to be used to smack other players unconscious rather than cook anything useful. With a cute paw print on the base and some weight behind it, the pan is sure to challenge your balance before you make your attack.

Party Animals Weapons: The Shovel can be seen


This cute Animal Crossing tool has been reimagined in Party Animals as a weapon of sizable proportions that sends your targets flying upon impact.

Party Animals Weapons: The Tennis Racket can be seen

Tennis Racket

Grab the tennis racket and win the grand slam by sending anything from debris to other players flying across the map. While you will really need a two-handed grip to do anything productive, when you do swing with force, you are bound to knock players out fast.

Party Animals Weapons: The Hammer can be seen


It’s heavy and hard to wield, but if you are confident in your physics game ability and want to deal serious damage, the hammer is likely the weapon to run for. Adorned with comical ‘1000T’ text, this beefy tool is as silly as it is dangerous.

Party Animals Weapons: The Plunger can be seen


The team behind Party Animals really wanted to pull on some classic comedic threads when adding the plunger to the game. This weapon not only attaches to players (turning them into your own personal flail) but remains there for some time, giving everyone the opportunity to grab and pull on the unfortunate player.

Party Animals Weapons: The Stun Gun can be seen

Stun Gun

Equipped with one hand, this tazer will illuminate your target’s skeleton, neutralizing them as a threat and giving you the upper hand. Though, we don’t know exactly how long you’ll knock down other players, so be sure to keep your eye out for any sly retaliation.

Party Animals Weapons: The Nunchucks can be seen


One of the more complex weapons in the game, the nunchucks, lets you take out your targets with effective smacks, though beware, as the nunchucks may giveth, but they also taketh away if you swing too hard and smack yourself unconscious.

Party Animals Weapons: The Boomerang can be seen


They say what goes around comes around, and there is no weapon that speaks to this epithet more than the Boomerang. Test your focus amid the chaos with this skill-based projectile weapon.

Party Animals Weapons: The Baseball Bat can be seen

Baseball Bat

A classic Looney Tunes weapon, the baseball bat does what baseball bats do best, which is send objects (and in this case, critters) flying through the air. Thanks to its light design, a one-handed grip gives you enough force to take out your teammates with speed. Fingers crossed for a batters uniform in the costume options to fully commit to the homerun lifestyle.

Party Animals Weapons: The Crossbow can be seen


If you want to get your Van Helsing on and slay your friends in style, the Crossbow weapon seems to promise a killing blow from a distance. Traditional crossbows shoot arrows, but this cute cartoon version sends a variety of fun projectiles flying through the air, pushing the target back with force.

That covers all the Party Animals weapons you can use in the game. If you’re looking for some other details on what could be one of the best multiplayer games, check out our guide on how to Party Animals on Game Pass and how Party Animals crossplay works.