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Casual MW3 players are in danger of missing out on this unique feature

If you want to make sure you have access to Aftermarket Parts in Modern Warfare 3, you're going to need to regularly play quite a lot of MW3 multiplayer.

MW3 aftermarket parts unlock: Price and an eyebrow raise emoji

Call of Duty is evolving both loadouts and gunsmith in Modern Warfare 3, and there’s a lot to get to grips with. One of the most interesting new features, though, is Aftermarket Parts – new attachments that will remix your weapons by almost completely changing how they operate. While an exciting idea, casual players seem set to miss out on it all. If you want Modern Warfare 3 Aftermarket Parts unlocks, you’re going to need to play a lot of MW3 – all of the time.

Modern Warfare 3, like every Call of Duty game, has the potential to be the best FPS game available on both PS5 and Xbox when it drops; although, there is a lot of new stuff that could change that – and we’re not talking about the Modern Warfare 3 weapons or Modern Warfare 3 maps (all of which are remasters). No, we’re talking about the MW3 Aftermarket Parts. These are going to shake up your multiplayer matches, but only if you’re someone who plays regularly.

During the recent Call of Duty Next stream, developers reveal that the Aftermarket Parts you can unlock for your weapons will be available by completing the multiplayer weekly challenges. Each and every week, these will refresh and players will need to complete all the weekly challenges available to unlock that week’s Aftermarket Part attachment – for whichever gun Call of Duty decides to mess with that week.

Interestingly, developers say specifically that this is going to be how you unlock Aftermarket Parts for the first three weeks. There’s no mention of this system changing beyond that, but we would like to think that they will. A system where you need to grind out weekly challenges to unlock very real, seemingly limited-access attachments for your loadout is a system that punishes casual players and anyone who has a busy week.

If you want to see all of this for yourself, you can check out this segment at around the 55:00 minute mark of the COD Next stream. If you spot gameplay on Overgrown, then you’re going to see the developers discussing this strange decision.

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We won’t know whether the general player community will support this decision or not until it’s in their hands, but we can imagine it will be quite divisive. You can also read up on how the Modern Warfare 3 gear looks set to create overpowered loadouts right here.

If you want to know more about the beta, though, we have everything you need to know about all the MW3 beta maps and MW3 beta weapons here. There’s also a way you can get free MW3 beta codes, if you’re on the right mobile network. There will be open MW3 beta dates, but this is a great way of getting hands-on first.