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Here’s all the Modern Warfare 3 beta weapons you can check out soon

Call of Duty fans are gearing up for the Modern Warfare 3 beta and you can check out all the MW3 beta weapons right here thanks to content creators at COD Next.

MW3 beta weapons: Ghost in blue

If you’re looking forward to playing Modern Warfare 3 and you’re planning on jumping into the upcoming MW3 beta soon, you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with all the Modern Warfare 3 beta weapons that you can use for the next handful of weekends. Thanks to content creators getting stuck into things during Call of Duty Next, we now know what to expect.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 easily has the potential to be one of the best competitive FPS games out there when it launches and the weapons you have in your hands when you’re running around one of the new (but not so new) MW3 maps is an important part of that. These Modern Warfare 3 weapons all need to be balanced, sure, but they also need to be fun. If you’re familiar with your Call of Duty games, you might find some of the following feel familiar when you get your hands on them.

The guns available in the selection of Modern Warfare 3 beta weapons are:

  • SVA 545 (AR)
  • MTZ-556 (AR)
  • MCW (AR)
  • BAS-B (BR)
  • MTZ-762 (BR)
  • Rival-9 (SMG)
  • AMR9 (SMG)
  • Striker (SMG)
  • Riveter (Shotgun)
  • Lockwood 680 (Shotgun)
  • Holger 26 (LMG)
  • Pulemyot 762 (LMG)
  • MTZ Interceptor (Marksman)
  • MCW 6.8 (Marksman)
  • Longbow (Sniper)
  • KV Inhibitor (Sniper)

If you want some visuals, you can check out this run through them all – courtesy of ‘CharlieIntel‘ – below:

One thing you’re going to need to brush up on is the new MW3 Aftermarket Parts system in Gunsmith. This is going to shake-up multiplayer matches even more and should be a fantastic feature for players to explore when the Modern Warfare 3 release date rolls around. However, until we get hands-on with everything Call of Duty is delivering in this new release, we won’t know for sure.

Your favorite MW2 map might not be in the MW3 beta, but you can read up on all the MW3 beta maps here and find out how to get yourself free MW3 beta codes ahead of the Modern Warfare 3 beta dates right here.