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Your favorite MW2 map won’t be in the MW3 open beta

Nostalgic classics arrive in the Modern Warfare 3 beta, including Rust and Highrise. However, one iconic Call of Duty MW2 map won't be playable yet in MW3.

MW3 Open Beta Maps

We’re all so close to getting hands-on with Modern Warfare 3, as Activision will open the floodgates for the MW3 beta later this week. It arrives alongside the Call of Duty Next presentation, which includes huge looks at the next COD entry, be it MW3 Zombies or the perils Task Force 141 will face. However, when it comes to multiplayer, don’t count on this beloved Modern Warfare 2 map showing up in the open beta.

If you’ve managed to get yourself a MW3 beta code, you’re on your way to diving into the MW3 beta maps, with classics such as Favela, Rust, Estate, Skidrow, and even Highrise. The latter map won’t be available until the second weekend of the beta, but sadly, Terminal won’t be included in either weekend. Aside from Rust, the battle-torn airport has long remained a crucial spot for Call of Duty clan beefs and trick-shots. MW2 (2009) is so long ago that TikTok is giving old memes a new lease of life. Simpler times, weren’t they?

Well, you’ll need to wait for the proper Modern Warfare 3 release date to dive back into Terminal, as well as the rest of the MW3 maps that will make up MW3 multiplayer skirmishes. However, you don’t need to wait that long to actually see what the new version of the map will be like. In fact, Activision showcases Terminal and other legendary locales from one of the best FPS games ever made in this recent multiplayer trailer below.

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This trailer will get you hankering for those good old days of booting up Xbox Live or PSN after school, tearing up multiplayer lobbies without a care in the world. Activision is leaning on your adoration for the original Modern Warfare 2 strongly here too, using the Eminem song Till I Collapse to full effect – just like the launch trailer from 2009. If that doesn’t get you hyped to master all those MW3 guns, then the new addition of MW3 Aftermarket Parts will.

You can get yourself another slice of classic COD goodness below, by revisiting this clip from the MW2 hall of fame. Legend says he is still mastering how to do a Temper Shot to this day.

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Modern Warfare 3 is set to be absolutely packed with features, including MW3 Zombies, which continues the Dark Aether lore from Black Ops Cold War. If you’re keen to play the next COD early, then don’t hesitate to check out MW3 early access.