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MW3 beta size isn’t so bad, but it has a 100GB COD catch attached

The Modern Warfare 3 beta will arrive first for PlayStation players, but despite the lenient MW3 beta file size, you'll actually need to clear out your storage.

Modern Warfare 3 beta file size

If there is one franchise that can swallow up your PS5 or Xbox storage, it is Call of Duty. That trend is likely to continue with Modern Warfare 3, but before the full game arrives, you can dive into the MW3 beta soon for a taste of the game’s new multiplayer. However, while the beta itself doesn’t eat up too much space, there is a considerable catch attached to the MW3 beta file size.

We’re weeks away from the Modern Warfare 3 release date, and our first taste of MW3 multiplayer arrives shortly after the upcoming Call of Duty Next presentation. Now, according to ‘PlayStationSize’ on social media, we know that the forthcoming COD beta will come with two packs to get players into the action. The Modern Warfare 3 beta file size will be 24.813 GB, while its accompanying license checker will clock in at a mere 1MB.

Comparatively, the Modern Warfare 2 beta required around 27GB of storage on your console, so we’ll take any kind of reduction we can get when it comes to saving internal and external SSD space. However, this isn’t the complete picture if you’re interested in checking out what the next Call of Duty entry has to offer. You’ll need to the newly branded Call of Duty HQ application installed, which is effectively an overhaul for the Modern Warfare 2 application on your chosen platform.

Modern Warfare 3 beta file size

A report from ‘CharlieINTEL’ claims that “the Modern Warfare 3 beta will require players to have Call of Duty HQ downloaded to play, as the beta will be an add-on pack to the HQ. The HQ app is around 100GB.” With Activision aiming to synergize the Call of Duty brand under one umbrella, it isn’t too surprising that the MW3 beta is one of the first steps to kick off this initiative.

We can only imagine how much storage the full release of Modern Warfare 3 will consume, as the game promises to be one of the biggest offering content-wise for COD players yet. You’ve got the brand-new and series first MW3 Zombies, a fresh Warzone experience, and of course the MW3 campaign to blast through – and that’s before you even touch the multiplayer.

It is worth noting that this file size corresponds to the PlayStation 5 version of the game, as the first beta weekend will be for PS5 owners exclusively. However, we speculate the file size will retain a similar size for Xbox and PC players.

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To get access to the MW3 beta, you’ll need to look into your MW3 pre-order options. However, there are a couple ways you to get playing. Here’s how to get yourself a free MW3 beta code, and we’ve got another method too.