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Apex Legends’ Conduit is here and everyone’s saying the same thing

At long last, Apex Legends' Conduit is joining Respawn Entertainment's battle royale and fans of the franchise are understandably thrilled about the new face.

Apex Legends' Conduit reaction: an image of Conduit from Stories From The Outlands short

It feels like a long time since we’ve seen everyone in the Apex Legends community on the same page, but Respawn Entertainment seems to have managed to bring everyone together with Conduit: the Outlands’ newest Apex Games competitor. Joining the battle royale in Season 19, Apex Legends’ Conduit is already proving popular among fans – and we’ve only seen her Stories From The Outlands lore trailer, so far.

We know Apex Legends‘ slick gunplay is one of the main reasons why it’s considered one of the best FPS games out there, and it’s ever-changing array of additional content has helped cement it as one of the best battle royale games on PS5 and Xbox consoles. However, the characters Respawn Entertainment is fostering and the storylines playing out in between seasons is a huge reason why Apex Legends has withstood the test of time and remained a popular choice for players everywhere. With Revenant being reborn last season, though, fans of this franchise have been waiting a while to see a new face introduced. Now, though, with Conduit, it looks like the wait is over and everyone is rightfully thrilled with who’s joining the Apex Games in Season 19.

Ahead of the Apex Legends Season 19 release date, Respawn Entertainment is offering us all an insight into who the new legend is and – unintentionally – already making us wonder where they’ll sit on our Apex Legends tier list. We don’t know everything about this character just yet, but the new Stories From The Outlands trailer – which precedes a more detailed look at Conduit and her abilities – has been more than enough to get everyone almost head over heels for the new character.

In response to the Stories From The Outlands trailer on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), content creators like ‘KarimCheese’ and ‘hayshmitty’ aren’t the only ones praising Conduit; the wider fanbase all seem in awe of the new legend, too. You don’t have to do any scrolling at all to find scores of fans expressing their excitement and eagerness to give Conduit a go in the battle royale.

Let your gaze fall onto Apex Legends’ Reddit fans and you’ll find the same response, surprisingly. Players are also wondering whether she’s being used to test a new shield-affecting item mechanically, but we’re not so sure about that. She’s also a character of Filipino descent, which a lot of fans are excited about; Respawn Entertainment has always been good at bringing representation into Apex Legends, and we’re glad to see that continuing with Conduit.

If you want to watch this Stories From The Outlands short yourself, and learn a little more about Conduit, you can down below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Yes, as you will have seen in the above, Conduit is another Apex Legends character that Respawn Entertainment is using to tie the Titanfall franchise into this battle royale’s universe – and we’re here for it. From what we can tell, a Monarch Titan’s power cell – or something similar enough to that – is what is actually giving Conduit her powers. Sure, the link isn’t quite as direct as Valkyrie, but it’s a fantastic way of keeping Titanfall and it’s content in earshot while also continually building on the universe Apex Legends presents players with.

While we’re confident that this is more than enough to win Apex Legends fans over, too, it’s clear that the new character Conduit is going to be a popular one beyond that. She’s driven and determined, caring and carefree – she’s already striking us as relatable, too, which is far from a bad thing. There is, though, a lot to learn. As per leaks reported on by ‘Dexerto‘, Conduit is expected to be able to give allies an overshield, regenerate her shields over time, and short-circuit enemies shields with her Ultimate.

Whether this remains true of the final iteration of her character or not is another question, but one we will know the answer to soon enough.

If, after all that, you’re sitting there wondering why the name ‘Conduit’ sounds so familiar, that’s because it’s actually a name that’s been floating around for a long time now. ‘Conduit’ was one of the names in Apex Legends’ huge legends leak from a little while back – or 2019, if you want to get specific about it. So, it’s safe to say that she’s been in the works – to some extent – for a long time now. We’re just glad it looks like Respawn Entertainment’s work is going to pay off. Will she dominate Apex Legends’ ranks though? Only time will tell.