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Lies of P Record locations

The Lies of P records are a valuable collectible to find, so be sure to find each and every one on your journey throughout Krat and its surrounding areas.

Lies of P Record Locations: P can be seen

If you’re a perfectionist who wants to uncover everything Krat has to offer, you need to know all about the Lies of P record locations. These collectible items can prove to be quite important depending on whether or not you want to embrace Pinocchio’s humanity, besides looking very nice all line up together in your collectibles screen when the collection is complete.

Whether you are on PS5, Xbox, or PC, knowing about these records might prove to be just as valuable as knowing about how Lies of P Star Fragments work. However, they aren’t helpful to you in the same sense as specter summoning items, but if you want to see how Lies of P tackles the ‘real boy’ aspect of Pinocchio’s story. There are numerous ways in which you can acquire one of the records, though they’re normally through certain actions pertaining to NPC questlines. There are multiple directions you can take in side quests, but not all of them result in a record. Furthermore, general exploration can also result in you finding one of these collectibles.

The main reason to collect and use the records (besides being a perfectionist) is that they can help Pinocchio to feel warm, something that feeds into his humanity and aids him in his change to becoming a real boy. Should that be what you’re after? Well, for that to happen, you need to listen to them. To do so, head to Hotel Krat, and in the lobby, you can spot a record player next to Polendina’s desk. Interact with the record player, and you can then play any from your collection.

Lies of P Records Locations

The individual locations for each record are:

Elysion Boulevard – Completing the woman’s request

To get the Feel record, you need to speak to the woman in the window near a puppet constable (the same one you get the police baton). She asks you to go and find her baby, who is located directly outside of the Watchman boss fight, in the pile of bodies that a puppet is attacking.

After you interact with the baby, you discover she’s dead, and you instead take a puppet baby back to her mother. At this point, you can choose to lie to the dying and blind woman by saying this is her baby, or you can tell the truth. If you lie, she has one last moment of joy and rewards you with the Feel record.

St. Frangelico Cathedral Library – Complete Cecile’s request

The Divine Service record is located in the cathedral at the second to last stargazer (the last being in the boss room). If you speak to the sister, Cecile, in the cathedral library, she laments about how the archbishop has fallen, and she wants him to be at peace.

After you exhaust her dialogue, you just need to defeat the boss of the area. From there, return to where you spoke to Cecile, and you’ll find the record on the floor, though she’s not there anymore. Luckily, a nearby note can explain what happened to her.

Red Lobster Inn – Purchased from a merchant

Upon heading to the Red Lobster In from the Malum district, you will find a room. In here you can buy the Someday record from the merchant for 3800 Ergo.

Estella Opera House Entrance – Complete Adelina’s request

There are a couple of steps to complete to get the Fascination record. Firstly, once you reach the Krat Opera House, you need to go left up the grand staircase and follow that route until you come to a dead-end hallway with two directions, go left again, and you meet Adelina (the woman in the red dress) speak to her and exhaust her dialogue, then you need to give her the apple you find outside of the Opera House.

Next, you need to defeat the boss of the area, the King of Puppets, and then return. Upon arrival, you find her deceased, and if you interact with Adelina’s body, you receive the Fascination record.

Grand Exhibition – Give a Gold Coin Fruit to Red Fox and Black Rabbit

You can’t get this record until after you’re done with the Grand Exhibition and are ready to head to the Barren Swamp. When you reach the train you see Red Fox and Black Cat, regardless of your previous interactions with them, the pair ask you for a Gold Coin Fruit. If you refuse, no record for you, but if you hand one over, the pair thank you with a Quitoxcity record.

Barren Swamp – Defeat the elite enemy in the Hermit’s Cave

To get the Misty Era record, you need to first get the rusty cryptic vessel, as this tells you where the hidden path is to enter the hermit’s cave in the Barren Swamp. Once you get inside, you come across an elite enemy. Defeat them, and you receive the Misty Era record.

Grand Exhibition Gallery – Complete Belle’s questline

In the Grand Exhibition, you will come across Belle. Talk to her and then she will move to Hotel Krat. Upong defeating the final boss talk to her and speak to her. Defeat the Green Monster of the Swamp and find her partner in Krat Central Station.

Upon visiting the station, go to the lobby stargazer and continue to the left. Continue down until you find a carcass who will give you a letter for Belle. Take it back to her, tell her that he died in combat and you will get the Why record upon completion.

Relic of Trismegistus – Kill Alidoro and tell Eugenie who he was

To get this record, you need to follow Eugenie and Alidoro’s quest. Unsurprisingly, Alonso isn’t who he said he is, and after the events that transpire in the hotel, you need to follow the secret passage, face the remaining members of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, and progress on to where the submarine is.

Here, you find Alidoro, and he’s ready to give you some answers. Despite his bad deeds, he’s convinced you won’t (or can’t) kill him. Well, should you lean more towards lying throughout the game, you’re able to kill Alidoro, doing this and informing Eugenie of who he is and his death rewards you with the Proposal Flower, Wolf Part 1 record.

Relic of Trismegistrus – Kill Alidoro and tell Eugenie he was a stalker

Simply put, you just need to repeat the above steps. But this time, tell Eugenie that Alidoro was just a stalker and not her brother to get the Far East Princess record.

Hotel Krat – Give Antonia the cure and visit her wheelchair

This is another late-game record and you have to complete a few steps to unlock this record. Firstly, it’s part of Antonia’s questline, but there are certain actions you must take throughout to get the collectible. You need to track down the wedding ring, opt to give her the cure to the petrification disease, and then, when she passes away near the end of the game, return to her wheelchair to pick up the Memory of Beach record.

Arche Abbey – Give Sophia peace

In the final area of the game, the Arche Abbey, after you defeat Laxasia the Complete, you find Sophia’s real body waiting for you in the tower. Here, she speaks to you, and you and Gemini face a tough choice. Let her live or give her peace. If you opt to give her peace and allow her to pass on, you receive the Shadow Flower record.

As you can see, the Lies of P records locations are more important than they first appear and, in some ways, are just as valuable as the Lies of P legion arms and Lies of P’s best weapons for your build.