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New Valorant agent Iso is your new Duelist to dominate enemies with

Developer Riot Games reveals that your new Valorant agent is Iso, a fiendish addition to the popular FPS that is poised to be a hit with Duelist players.

Iso valorant agent

Following some pesky leaks about the new Valorant agent, developer Riot Games officially confirms the arrival of Valorant agent Iso into the competitive FPS. With a stylish reveal trailer accompanying their debut within Valorant lore, we’ve got what you need to know about Iso before flexing your skills in the arena.

Sure, there are loads of competitive FPS titles to explore, but Valorant‘s addictive gameplay forges its places as one of the best FPS games around. That’s largely down to the game’s different agents, which often ebb and flow on our Valorant agent tier list. Iso is likely to shake it up again, too, but you may have known for the recent Valorant Act 7 Episode 3 leaks surrounding the new Duelist.

The latest agent reveal trailer shrouds Iso in mystery, making their eventual appearance near the end even sweeter – and badass. What we do know is that Iso is a hitman-for-hire, making him slippery foe to deal with. You won’t be able to see them in actual gameplay just yet, but a gameplay trailer is touted to release Friday, October 20, 2023. However, we do know what abilities the new Duelist comes kitted out with:

  • Double Tap: Activates a focus timer, which allows Iso to harvest energy orbs from fallen foes or downed enemies. Iso gains a shield that absorbs damage from any source, temporarily once it runs out
  • Undercut: Throw a molecular bolt that passes through walls to expose enemies behind obstacles. Fragile status applies to enemies who touch it
  • Contingency: Iso can create prismatic energy to be fired as a wall of impenetrable energy that blocks bullets
  • Kill Contract: Players can throw energy and teleport Iso and the first enemy hit by this into a 1v1 arena. Winner leaves, loser dies
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As you progress up the Valorant ranks, whether you’re using Iso or relying on an old favorite like Jett or Phoenix to get by in battle, you’ll find it easier to get the drop on your enemies with the best Valorant corsshair settings. However, like any multiplayer shooter around, making sure your character is kitted up with a slick outfit is part of the fun.

That’s why we’ve made put together all the currently available Valorant skins in a handy guide to peruse. And of course, you can get some of the game’s more fabled cosmetics for a cheaper price, so don’t forget to check in on the Valorant Night Market on a regular basis.