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A new Remnant 2 update is coming and fans know exactly what it needs

A key Remnant 2 developer is working on patch notes, which has sparked conversation from fans on what Gunfire Games need to introduce to the co-op shooter.

Remnant 2 new update teaser October: an image of a woman with a rifle and the thinking emoji

If you’re sitting there with a list of things you want to see Gunfire Games improve in the next Remnant 2 patch, you’re not alone – and, you shouldn’t actually have to wait too long to see some of those issues resolved. This shooter’s developers are teasing a new Remnant 2 update and fans are already listing their demands; it’s quite the list.

Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 is one of the best RPG games out there for players looking for some co-operative action and – while this might not be one of the most-recent new Xbox games or new PS5 games – there’s a lot of fun to be had. However, it’s far from perfect and fans of the franchise have a list of issues they want fixed and aspects of the experience they want to see updated and altered. While this list is figurative most of the time, the fact that Remnant 2 principal designer Ben Cureton is teasing a new update has brought this list into reality.

Following Cureton’s social media post stating that he’s “working on patch notes”, which would suggest an update is coming sooner rather than later, Remnant 2 fans are rallying under a Reddit post from ‘Eudaemon_Life‘ to list their requests. One of the most prominent of these is something fans have been clamoring after for a while, too.

Remnant 2 new update teaser: an image of a tweet from Ben Cureton on patch notes

The first thread of comments on the aforementioned Reddit post mentions both loadouts and improvements to the favoriting system in place. If you want to make sure you’re using the right equipment with your best Remnant 2 weapons and the best Remnant 2 class, you’re going to have a hard time of pinpointing what you need – if you have a lot of loot to hand. While there is a rudimentary favorite system in place, you can’t actually filter your inventory at the moment – which can make swapping out gear a chore.

While a comprehensive searching system would solve this issue, loadouts would work just as well. Thankfully, when it comes to features Gunfire Games is trying to introduce to its shooter, Remnant 2 loadouts are “on the list” – and they have been for a little while. We still don’t know when exactly you should expect them, but the fact that Cureton is teasing the next update does suggest it’s a big one. So, we could very well see these introduced to Remnant 2 shortly.

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Remnant 2 crossplay is another feature fans are waiting for, with calls for fixes addressing performance issues littered among the comments hoping for improvements to the social side of things. This is another thing being worked on by Gunfire Games, so we shouldn’t have to wait forever to see it introduced.

Beyond that, players just want more Remnant 2 – and we get that. There’s a decent selection of Remnant 2 classes already available, but they want more. The same goes for the viability of various Remnant 2 builds. A meta has been established, but players want to see more variety in the builds that can tackle the toughest bosses. As issues get ironed out and major updates continue to be released, we should see some more balancing changes from Gunfire Games; although, you’re really not going to be punished too much for taking on Remnant 2 with some of the less-popular classes, anyway.

If you’re still looking for more from this game, you’ll be pleased to know that Remnant 2 has three DLCs planned – and we should find out about them soon. You can also check out how Gunfire Games draws on ancient Greek poetry as much as it does Resident Evil when it comes to Remnant 2’s design. The game itself might not be one of the best horror games out there, but drawing inspiration from some of them is certainly far from a bad thing. The results speak for themselves.